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Review: ColourPop Disney Collection

If you need to know one thing about me, it’s that I love fairytales. And when I say “love” I really mean LOVE. I own about 15 different fairytale books, I collect Disney DVD’s and my favourite park in the entire world is fairytale based theme-park. So when one of my favourite brands came out with a whole Disney collection, I screamed. I legit screamed. I was so excited oh my wORD. Here’s my review!

The collection is inspired by several Disney princesses and the years the movies made. So, for example: Snowwhite was first released in the 1930s (yes the 1930s the movie is the same age as my grandma!) so Snowwhite is wearing a dress inspired by the glamour looks of the era. It’s really cool to see, especially as someone who loves fashion history as well. The collection features an eyeshadow palette, three lipglosses, a lipstick for each princess, an eyeshadow for each princess and two highlighter. I got several items from the collection, but not everything, as some colours just weren’t my thing, even though I really wanted to get everything based on Tiana, as she’s one of my favourite princesses!

20190314_102518.jpgI think we’re all here for this palette, the It’s A Princess Thing palette is the high light of this collection in my opinion. It’s a beautiful, stunning, precious palette and I was so excited when my boyfriend got this for me as a gift!

20190314_102638.jpgYou can tell my palette is well loved, can’t you, haha! It has 15 beautiful shades, but the last row looks more inspired by the Disney villians than the actual princesses… It mostly consists of shimmery and metallic shades, with only six of them being matte, and those are absolutely beautiful and the best out of this entire palette. Honestly, one of the best shimmery shades I’ve used. They rival my ABH Modern Renaissance shades which says a LOT as that’s my favourite palette.
I don’t think this palette is a great option for you if you have dark to very dark skin. The crease shades are very pale, with the lightest even being too light for me with my paper white skin. The darkest shade isn’t even that dark… But if you can deal with the fact you probably need another crease shade, I can’t recommend this palette enough.

Chip, Juju, Grumpy, Triton, ABu
Prince Charming, Ray, Fairy Godmother, One Kiss?, Thingamabob
Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet, Beast, Midnight Curfew

(My camera can’t focus on glitter and shimmer, ignore that lol) But look at those beautiful shimmery shades!! They are incredibly pigmented, all of the shades blend beautifully and wear really nicely. Honestly, apart from the shade range, I have ZERO complaints about this palette. If you want to get one thing from this range, get the palette, it’s totally worth your money!

20190312_113659Next up, I got two lipglosses in Boo and Bobbidi.
Boo is described as a “warm rose” and it definitely is. It’s a beautiful shade that really enhances your natural lipcolour. I really love the shade!!
Bobbidi is described as a soft coral and it is very soft. It doesn’t have a lot of pigment to it, but it does have a goldy sheen. It does give a little bit of colour, but not a lot, well at least on my lips! Mine aren’t too pigmented, but they do have a pink undertone so that might throw the shade off.

20190312_114503They don’t stain the lips, but they don’t have a long wear time. I only get an hour of glossiness out of them, whereas I get multiple hours of wear out my Jouer lipglosses. They are really pretty and I especially love Boo, but they aren’t too impressive.

20190314_102415.jpgThe Super Shock Shadows are my favourite single eyeshadows on the planet. They are great value for money, have great pigmentation and are just really fun. So I had to have a few out of this collection!
I got Heigh-Ho, an “ivory pearl with multi dimensional glitter” and wow! It’s incredibly glittery! It has an ultra glittery finish and it certainly delivers on it! The best thing about this shadow is that it actually transforms a look. Need a bit more oompf  with your eye look? BAM! Heigh-Ho makes it little more interesting with one swipe. Want to go full glam? BAM! Heigh-Ho is here to save the day. I love Heigh-Ho and it truly is a gem.
So This is Love is described as “a soft pink with a frosted finish” and it’s an ultra-metallic shade. Now, it isn’t a soft pink, it’s definitely darker than a soft pink, but it is very beautiful. I do recommend using your fingers when applying both these shades, because they will really look their best that way! So This Is Love is a truly beautiful shade and applies nicely, blends nicely, is really pigmented and is just a really solid good shade!


20190312_114856.jpgI only got one of the lipsticks, as I’m sure this is the one I would use the most often. It’s the beautiful Snow White Lux Lipstick, which is described as a “candy apple red”, which I disagree with. It’s a really nice deep red with pink undertones and it really throws back to the 1920s and 1930s. It applies really creamy, but wears more on the matte side. I do recommend using a lipliner with this shade, because it’s so creamy, but oh my, it’s so beautiful! It’s incredibly pigmented, isn’t drying and wears beautifully. I’m absolutely in love with this lipstick, it really is amazing! It has great staying power, it isn’t something impressive like 8 hours, but it does last for quite a while. I totally recommend this lipstick, it’s so beautiful and wearable!


I totally love this collection and I can’t wait to see what happens with the Villians Collection!

Have you tried anything from the Disney collection?


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