Rating system

I use Goodreads a lot, and Goodreads has a 5 stars based rating system, which I follow! I’ll explain my ratings here, in case you were wondering why some books get 2s and others 3s!

1 star:
These are the books I just got angry about. They are just so plain bad that I don’t see any redeeming qualities. It might be because the writing is bad, or maybe because the book promised something but didn’t deliver. I really dislike it when books promise to be scary but aren’t, as I’m honestly the most easily scared person in the world. It doesn’t happen often that I give books 1 star. Examples of 1 star books:
Murder Gone Mad by Philip MacDonald 

2 stars:
2 stars isn’t necessarily bad. These are the books that let me down, or promised something that they didn’t deliver. I do find redeeming qualities in the book. These are usually the books I DNF, as I just find them boring or the writing style were just not my cup of tea. Some examples of 2 star books:
the Turn of the Screw by Henry James
the Millionaire Mystery by Fergus Hume
Jezebel’s Daughter by Wilkie Collins 

3 stars:
3 star ratings are the most frequently used ratings. They are usually given to books I enjoyed but they aren’t something special. Most of the detectives I read get 3 stars. If I love detectives so much, why do I rate them so low? Because most of them are the same!
The books that get a 3 star rating are usually okay to good books, and I do recommend them, but they aren’t books where I’m really excited over, or will re-read any time soon.
Examples of 3 star books:
the Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave 
the Adventure of the Six Napoleons by Arthur Conan Doyle 

4 stars:
Books that are just GOOD. Books I really liked, but did find some faults. They are usually books I’m really excited about and really liked! Examples of 4 star books:
Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy 
Women Heroes of World War II by Kathryn J. Atwood 
Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Diet and Fitness by Laura Slater

5 stars:
These books are the best of the best! I probably got extremely excited about them and will scream about them forever! 5 stars are about as unlikely as 1 star, but I do find a gem from time to time!
Examples of 5 star books:
the Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas