Colourpop, haul

a ColourPop haul

ColourPop has to be one of my favourite brands, and they had free international shipping recently, so I had to order a few things! Those are just the rules, I don’t make them sorry. Let’s go!

20190312_113742First up: I ordered four lipsticks, because this lady can never have enough lipstick. I got:
Angel City, a dusty berry
Superbloom, a pinky red blur lipstick
Snowwhite, the lipstick inspired the Disney movie
Maxed Out. a matte fuchsia

I’m really excited for these! I got rid of about 70% of my lipsticks recently, so naturally, I needed to get replacements haha. I haven’t really tried a lot of the new Lux lipsticks so I’m excited to try these different formulas! I’m especially excited about Superbloom and Snowwhite, Superbloom for it’s colour, but Snowwhite because I love Disney!

20190312_113659Speaking of Disney, these are:
Boo, a warm rose lipgloss
Bobbidi. a soft coral lipgloss

I’m so excited for these!! Again, mostly because of the Disney aspect, but secondly, Boo really looks like my favourite lipgloss by Jouer (yes there will be a post about the possible dupe…). Also, Boo used to be my nickname by my best friend in high school! I even had it on my school jumper (I still have my uniform from Australia haha!).

20190312_113814I also got the Sol eyeshadow palette, which just screamed my name. Look at those warm glittery tones, aren’t they just beautiful! I’m slightly annoyed that Floaties is in the bottom left corner, instead of on the place of OOO, because it just looks really unbalanced now with the other shimmer shades haha! I’m really excited to try it out, as I’m on the hunt for a good travel palette!

20190312_1138250Next up: the new Numero Uno eyeliner! I’m running out of eyeliner so I decided to try this one out. There isn’t much to say about eyeliner, it’s eyeliner haha.

20190312_113558I got two Super Shock Shadows, these are by far my favourite type of eyeshadows! I got:
Glisten, soft peach with a gold sheen
So This Is Love, a soft pink with a frosted finish
I got these because of Disney (there’s a theme here) but Glisten was made by Kathleen Lights, which is only one of my absolute favourite people. I also like the colours, obviously, and I’m really excited about these! Especially So This Is Love looks really beautiful swatched so I can’t wait to play around with it.

20190312_113832ColourPop has a sister brand called Fourth Ray which they sell on their website as well. This Rose Face Milk is supposed to be amazing or my dry skin, it has Argan oil, rose milk, oats and chamomile in it. It just sounds amazing and I will report back on this! Especially as this is so affordable, this could be the best thing!

20190312_113633Now, the last products are things I got for free! For some strange reason, in two of my packages I got these two for “being late”, which I found hilarious because they arrived all at the same time and were even quicker than my packages from the UK! Now, I got:
BFF3, a brown lippencil
Jiffy, a satin liquid lip
These won’t look good on me, I’m way too pale for them, which is a shame, but it was terribly nice of them to send me these! 🙂

Well, this was my ColourPop haul! What review do you want to see first?

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