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Review: L’Oréal Smooth Sugar Nourish Scrub

I love scrubs. I’m not allowed to use them, not really, but I love them. My skin gets clogged up quite easily, having rosacea and dry skin does that to you. I went to Germany to do some weekly groceries (yes, I do in fact travel to a different country to do the groceries, it’s just cheaper there!) and found this sugar scrub at the drugstore. Did it relief my dry skin?

A 100% naturally-derived exfoliant rich in essential nutrients. We have selected fine crystals of 3 sugars (brown, blond, white) for deep yet gentle exfoliation and cleansing. Beyond scrubbing, this expert facial cleanser blend provides skin with care.


Caring and delicately scented, its buttery texture delivers a unique facial cleansing experience.

COCOA BUTTER, rich in essential fatty acid to moisturise and soothe dryness
COCONUT OIL, packed with lipids, known to protect the skin’s barrier
COCOA GRAINS, to remove dead skin cells and to soften skin


Beyond scrubbing, this expert facial cleansing blend provides skin with care
Suitable for all skin types

IMMEDIATELY: Skin is clean, soft and well nourished.
AFTER 1 WEEK: Skin is more comfortable, supple and luminous.
USE AFTER USE: Skin is smoother, revived and healthy-looking with a baby-soft touch. – L’Oréal UK website

I mean, doesn’t this sound like a miracle worker?! Naturally, I got a little skeptic, so I had to try it!

First things first, let me tell you about my skin so you know what we’re working with. I have dry skin, REALLY dry skin. My mum used to smother me in goose fat to make my skin feel better (I’m still traumatized by the scent!) that’s how dry my skin is. On top of that, I’ve got rosacea. Yeah I know, it’s a big party on my face. My rosacea makes my cheeks and nose quite red and gives me tons of bumps on my cheeks. Scrubs aren’t really recommend to use when you’ve got rosacea, but I do use them frequently (2 to 3 times a month) because of my dry skin. With that out of the way let’s look at the product!

20190306_213602 (1).jpg

It may look really thick, but it’s actually a really smooth and really thin. It doesn’t spread easily but it is nice to apply, I definitely see why they compare it to butter! However, it isn’t “delicately” scented at all. Ever after several hours I can still smell the product on my skin. The scent isn’t bad, its kind of a musky fake chocolate scent, but it just lingers and really hits you when you use this product. If you are sensitive to scents, please stay clear from this scrub!! It will honestly give you a headache!!

Now to it’s promises: it doesn’t deliver. My skin feels more soft, yes, and my bumps are a little less (not a lot, but noticeable) but my skin feels really, really dry after using this! Even after applying my normal skincare routine (which is very hydrating) my skin still feels dry and painful. If you promise me nourishment, please deliver, because that’s why I’m buying your products, buddy! If your skin is more normal or combination, this might be a nice scrub, but if your skin is dry and you are on the hunt for something to soothe your dry skin, this definitely isn’t it!

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