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Meet my Pet: Saar!

Here we are with my last post about my pets! If you are curious about my other pets, you can read Wijn’s story here, and Mathilda’s here! But this post is all about Saar, are precious, little stinky, loud American Curl!

IMG_20181219_104250_953.jpgWe got Saar in December 2018. She’s 5 years old and has a bit of a sad backstory. We found her through my boyfriend’s best friend, she works at a shelter and she got 13 (!!) cats in from one home, because their owner died and Saar was one of them. She is an American Curl and was used for breeding, we don’t know to what extent though. We do notice that she still has some “mama behaviour” showing us and our other cats how to hunt and stuff, it’s really adorable and we (ok I do) want to start fostering kittens once we move to a bigger house just so she can be a mama again. We aren’t sure, but I think their owner died at home, because Saar used to wake us up multiple times a night to make sure we were still there. I think she was afraid that we’d die as well and she just wanted to make sure that we are in fact still alive to give her food and pets!


I feel in love with her face immediately, I mean, look at it, how can you not fall in love with it??? We were supposed to get her in November, but unfortunately she got really bad ear-infections at the shelter so they wanted to treat it before they gave her to us… which didn’t go as planned.

You see, when we got her, she had such bad ear-infections (in BOTH ears) that she was completely deaf. We called the shelter many times beforehand to ask if she was all healthy again and if she was OK enough to go home with us and meet our other two cats. They convinced us that she’d be fine, but she obviously wasn’t. Our cats were really scared of her because she smelled so bad and sick. She was incredibly thin, you could feel all her bones and she just wasn’t feeling good, at all. And we didn’t realise until one week in. (No, we didn’t put our cats together immediately, we did take it easy). One of her ears smelled so bad and whenever she moved her ears, or shook her head, it sounded like water moving about in her head. It was so, so sad. We went to the vet two weeks in and they told us she has 3 (!!!!!) infections in both ears. They cleaned them out and now she’s on meds and a special ointment for her ears. They noticed she has a hole in her eardrum on one side, so she’s a bit hard of hearing, but she will notice when we get home or when her food is ready, haha! When she got home it was like we had a completely different cat! She was so incredibly happy and grateful that we took her to the vet, it was amazing to see. She actually enjoys going to the vet now, as she knows that our vet will make her feel better! She will walk around the room and scream at the vet until she picks her up, like the tiny asshole she is, haha. She still has her infections 3 months later, but they are getting better and she did regain a lot of her hearing thanks to the vet and the medications. I clean her ears every day and they look better and less painful every day! She has a bald spot on one side, and her fur is covered in blood on that same side (because it gets itchy and she keeps scratching the spot) but she is completely different and she’s so incredibly happy, it ‘s beautiful to see!


She might be hard of hearing, but she has the voice of a thousand cats! She will scream all the time, and it’s actually really fun. She talks so much, at all hours of the day. She will hiss at our other cats from time to time, but that’s because they scared her or she didn’t expect them, for example when she’s sleeping and the other ones jump right next to her she starts to hiss, but that’s ok, I’d hiss too if somebody scared me! They never fight, they only hiss sometimes, and actually get along reasonably well. When I clean out her ears, Wijn will come over and check if I’m not hurting her. Saar and Mathilda get along a bit better though, but that’s because Wijn is a bit insecure. They will be best friends in no time, I’m sure!


The most adorable thing about her is that she’s in love with my boyfriend. She loves him so much and will do anything to sit on him. Not necessarily on his lap, no she loves to sit on his throat, his face, his chest, his legs, his stomach… especially when we go to bed she loves to be with him. She will literally scream at him for cuddles and it amuses me to no end. My boyfriend got jealous at first because Saar cuddled me almost as soon as we got home with her. Because Mathilda and I are so close, he was afraid Saar and I would be the same thing. Well, you get what you wish for!
Saar loves my boyfriend more than food, she does prefer to sleep on my side, so I wake up almost every morning with her cuddled up in my arms and it fills me up with joy! Mathilda doesn’t like it, and will meow really sadly when she wants to cuddle me and Saar’s there, haha.


Saar LOVES food. It’s her favourite thing in the world, especially wet food. She will scream all day for it. Luckily, she gained some weight, but she’s still on the skinny side, especially at her hips. But we’ll fat her up soon enough! She isn’t a very playful cat, but she does love to cuddle. We take outfit of the day photos together, and whenever I skip a day and I get back home, she will walk up to our photo spot and scream at me because she wants to take photos. I’m not even joking, she does this all the time, haha!

She is loud, she is cuddly, she is stinky (thanks infection!), she is the happiest and most grateful cat I’ve ever met. She’s so happy to be with us and she knows we do things to make her feel better. I can clean her ears multiple times a day without her being angry, growling or anything like it. She doesn’t like to do it, naturally I wouldn’t like it either, but she accepts it because she knows that it’ll make her feel better. She’s secretly so smart! I love her to bits, and I think she was send to us because I think many people would’ve given up on her. We have reached the point where the vet said we might have to take out her entire ear-canal if it doesn’t get better. I don’t want that, even if that means I have to put ointment in her ears two times a day for the rest of her life, if that makes her happy and not deaf I’m happy. Honestly, I don’t mind her being deaf, but it’s mostly because we have other cats and I want them to be able to communicate.

We love her and we can’t imagine our life without her.

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