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Review: MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour in Gumdrop


I’m in a real glossy mood. I decided I wanted to try some more, so here we are, reviewing a lipgloss by MAC!

Satisfy your sweet tooth! Indulge in patisserie-fresh, saturated and scented lip colour! Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour is whipped for mousse-like texture and serves up funfetti-bright, frosted opaque hues for lips. Explore all 15 to find your favourite decadent delight. – MAC website
Ok, granted, these aren’t promoted as lipglosses, but they are liquid-y, they have a doefoot applicator, so in my opinion, it’s a gloss. It’s really bright, yes, it has a mousse-like texture, yes, but this isn’t FRESH at all! Oh my, oh my, oh my.
Now, I did get mine online, I didn’t realise what it actually would be. I didn’t realise the colour, and I do not like the colour, as I will show you in a bit, but just because I got the wrong colour, doesn’t mean the product is bad!!!
Gumdrop is very, VERY, metallic. It doesn’t look good on me at all. It doesn’t say it on the website, so imagine my surprise when it arrived! Gumdrop is described as a “intense pink with reflects of pearl”, and “pearl” doesn’t scream metallic to me, so that was really odd. It’s really pink, yes, incredibly pink, but due to it’s metallicness it just looks bad on me. Might be because I’m really pale, but it isn’t the look for me.
Other than that, it’s really pigmented, but it doesn’t feel nice on the lips. It makes my lips feel really, really strange.
But the thing I hate most about it is the scent. Holy MOLY this one smells bad!!! The scent gives me a headache, it’s so incredibly sweet! Even if I wanted to wear it, I won’t, because of the scent. It’s just sickly. And I DO NOT recommend this one at all, because of this alone. Which says a lot, as I don’t care about scents of products as long as the product works.
I like MAC, but this isn’t something I would buy ever again!
Have you tried anything from the Oh, Sweetie line?

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