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Review: Jouer high pigment lipgloss in rodeo & bond


I really, really, really love the Jouer Lip Crèmes, their answer to a liquid lipstick. I was really curious to try out their other lip products, do I love these high pigment lip glosses as much as the lip crèmes?

This weightless, creamy gloss delivers full-coverage color that glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips with Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. – Jouer website


Rodeo is described as a “warm, medium rose”, and personally I don’t agree with that description, as it pulls a lot more bright pink than it does a rose. That doesn’t affect the actual product though! I really love this lipgloss, it gives a little warmth to my lips while staying quite neutral. I don’t think this is a universal flattering colour though. I really love wearing this one, it’s hydrating (just like it promised!) and even when the gloss wears off, there’s still a really nice stain on the lips that lasts quite a bit longer than the gloss. This is the most long wearing gloss I have ever tried, my lips stay glossy for hours on end, even when I eat and drink, but it doesn’t really transfer to my crooked tooth, which I highly appreciate!

Bond is a lot darker, and described as a “cool, deep berry red”, and again, I don’t agree, I personally feel like this is a more pink based lipgloss than red based. Again, this doesn’t affect the lipgloss! This one performs exactly the same as Rodeo,  and I highly recommend this one as well! The only difference in the two is that I wear Rodeo a lot more than Bond, as Rodeo is more wearable on me than Bond. They last just the same amount of time, they stay both stay glossy as heckies, they both are really hydrating, they are both amazing lipglosses!

Honestly, Jouer really set the standard on lipglosses for me, I really haven’t tried a lipgloss as amazing as these two in a long, long time. I totally recommend these two!!

Have you tried anything by Jouer?

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