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Mask Monday: Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask Brightening


I haven’t been using lots of masks lately, I’ve been way too buys with work! But, the other day I tried out this Herb in Nude mask, a tea infused mask to make my skin more clear and even out my skin. Did this one work out for me?

Like I said, this mask is a sheet mask infused with lemongrass tea. This sounded really interesting to me, as I do love the smell of lemon. However, this mask STINKS. It really smells like cleaning liquids which is just not something I want my skin to smell like. That really put me off to use this one. I am a person who doesn’t care what things smell like though, as long as they work.

I mentioned a thousand times that I really love Korean sheetmasks, they stay put really well, are really comfortable to wear and they are a lot thicker than the European ones I have tried. I don’t mind wearing these for 20 minutes because I can still do things while wearing these, so if you are in the market for a new sheetmask, try Korean ones!

At first I felt like this one didn’t do anything for me. My skin just looked exactly the same. I felt quite disappointed, until I applied my skincare that is. After I applied my moisturizer, my skin looked a lot more lit from within, more moisturized, and more healthy! I looked positively glowy, but not in a greasy way which is my favourite look as I have really dry skin.

I really like this mask, even though it smells like I’m pouring washing liquid on my face. I love how it makes my skin look, and that’s what I use a face mask for! I do recommend this one, but not if you are sensitive for scents, for obvious reasons.


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