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Review: Pixi Rose Flash Balm


So, you can tell by the big dent in this product, that I’ve been using it quite a lot! Pixi is a brand that I’ve used a little bit, and I saw this product on Cultbeauty, I had to try it, as the winter destroys my skin. But what is it?

• This radiance-boosting balm is the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, lackluster skin helping with signs of fatigue in a flash
• This 3-in-1,oil-free, quick absorbing formula instantly moisturizes and brightens and is great as a revitalizing mask as well as a primer to prep skin for perfect makeup application
• Suited for all skin types
• Not tested on animals
• Paraben free

You can see why I really wanted to try this!

The substance is very gel like, and spreads really easily on the skin. It has a nice, pleasant flower scent to it, but if you are sensitive to smelly things, be warned, because you can really smell it.

It isn’t a radiance boosting product, because I notice no difference what so ever with my normal skin and after using this. Not that I bought this for that specifically, but you know, if you promise something, please deliver as a product. It DOES absorb quickly, but doesn’t really moisturize very well. I think that if you have more combination normal/dry skin it’ll do a lot more for you than if you have just dry to really dry skin.

As a primer it’s nice, but you use quite a bit to cover your whole face, and I don’t think it’ll last you very long. I’ve used it for about a month and it’s all ready halfway gone, and I don’t even wear makeup every day…

I’ve used this for quite some time, and I liked it, but after I got a new primer I completely put this one to the side, as this just doesn’t deliver what you want it to do, especially because it’s 24 pounds… It’s unfortunately not worth it’s money for me, but I think, again, that if you have combination normal dry skin it WOULD work for you! Just skip it if you have really dry skin, there are better primers and products out there.

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