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Review: Women Heroes of World War I by Kathryn J. Atwood


History is written by men. That’s a fact. Women are usually overlooked (let alone people of colour…) and one of my favourite things to read about, are women in history! When I saw that there was a whole series about amazing women during several wars, I had to get them, and today I’ll be reviewing one of them.

The book is divided into counties, first you get some great background info about the country. What side were they on? How did they get involved in the first world war? The book isn’t really biased as well, which is refreshing.  Each country has a few stories about women who did something amazing during the war. I don’t really want to spoil anything, so I will be pretty vague about it. Also, I use the term women, but there were several CHILDREN being amazing as well. Some women decided to start their own hospital to help soldiers and civilians. Some women decided to be part of the army and kicked ass. Some women decided that human lives were more important than a stupid war. Women were just being women.

Each chapter is divided into several women, with photo’s (which is a great touch! It makes history a lot more approachable if you can actually see them), small facts about them, with quotes from actual people that were there and at the end of each story there’s a page with websites, books and other places you can find more information about the woman you are reading about. One of my favourite stories is about Maria Bochkareva, a woman who decided that men weren’t doing the job right and started her own division to kick some butt.

I mean, who doesn’t love reading about women being amazing? But the best part is that these women are allowed to be human. They have their own faults and flaws, and that’s okay because everybody has them. The stories aren’t too long, and I’m making my boyfriend (who’s a history teacher) read these so he could possibly use this in his classes.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads and you can buy it here!

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