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Review: ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Sol

Hi, my name is Liselotte and I have an obsession with orange/red based neutral palettes. Honestly, a real obsession. I own too many, and I want to try them all! When ColourPop had their free international shipping  promotion I had to get Sol!

Can you feel the heat? This hot coral 9-pan shadow palette is full of vibrant orange, pink, and copper shades perfect for the warm-tone lover. The sleek compact palette includes a mirror and was made to fit in your carry-on for your next adventure.

Highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. This long wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly. – ColourPop website

I was really excited for this palette! It’s packaging is beautiful, it’s nice and sturdy, the eyeshadows can be de-potted (they are in the palette by means of magnets which is really cool!) and the mirror is pretty good! I really love the formula of their single shadows, they are creamy, pigmented and really use to use. Maybe I just too high expectations…

New Digs, Anthem, Dynamite

Okay, I’m going to be honest: this palette isn’t it. The mattes are really, really bad and if you are any darker than my skintone, I don’t think it would even show up on your skin at all! It’s really strange to see, as the shimmery shades in this palette are absolutely amazing, so why are the mattes so terrible??

New Digs is described as “matte pastel peach”, and though I don’t think its necessarily pastel, it is a nice peachy shade colourwise. It isn’t very pigmented, it’s pretty patchy and just not that great.

Anthem is described as “metallic bright pinky copper” which is honestly a funny way to describe it. I don’t think it’s pink, I don’t think it’s copper and it’s definitely not bright! It’s a sparkly brown with some gold shift to it. It’s a really nice shade! It does apply really nicely and pigmented and is just a solid shade.

Dynamite is a “matte burnt orange” and is just exactly as bad as New Digs. Patchy, hard to blend, not pigmented and if you use New Digs and Dynamite together, they blur into the same shade. Such a shame!

B + B, Motel, Hotel

Just look at those shimmers, they are beautiful! They are so smooth, so beautiful, so amazing! I really liked them, but they are a bit dark. No champagne lid shades in this palette. I loved using these, they blend nicely, the apply pigmented and are just great shadows!

B+B is a “metallic pinky gold” and again, where do they pull their pinks from? It’s a nice golden shade and it applies nicely, but it is a lot darker applied on your eyes than it is in the pan. It applies nicely, it’s just a nice shade!

Motel is  a “satin hot pinky coral” and it’s a nice shade with some gold glitter thrown in. It applies nicely, but it’s too sparkly for a crease shade for me. What ColourPop doesn’t mention on the website unless you look at the ingredients list, is that Motel is one of three shade that isn’t “intended for use in the immediate eye era”, which is really strange to me! Why make an eyeshadow that isn’t allowed to be near the eye? It probably stains the skin or has some not so pleasant ingredients in it to warrant such a claim. I haven’t noticed any staining on the skin though!

Hotel is described as “metallic vivid copper” and it truly is a copper! Again, this one is just as nice as the other shimmery shades, so I can’t really tell you something new!

Unwind, OOO, Floaties

Unwind is described as “matte rich terracotta”and personally I’d describe it as a chocolate brown. Terrocotta in my eyes is more a red-based brown, and this definitely straight up brown. This is the darkest shade in the palette and while using it, it really lightens up, so it doesn’t look that dark at all. I really needed to use a different palette to get some definition in my crease and I’m pale as HECK. It’s okay, a bit better than the other mattes, but it wasn’t something special.

OOO, is a “hot orange coral” and just a bad shade overal. This is the second shade that isn’t supposed to be used near the immediate eye area. I was really excited to use this shade, but it’s just really bad unfortunately!

Floaties is the third and last shade that isn’t allowed to be in the eye area. It’s described as a “bright metallic orange” and it is! But it looks incredibly similar to Hotel to the point that you can’t really see a stark difference when applied together.

All in all, this palette is great in the metallic and shimmery department, but lacks on all other fronts. Such a shame, but if you are on the hunt for something like this, I don’t really recommend it… Especially if you are darker than me.
Such a shame, as I LOVE the Disney palette and I love the singles by ColourPop!



2 thoughts on “Review: ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Sol”

  1. I wonder if they changed the formula when they re-packaged?? I bought this palette when it was initially released and thought it was amazing!! The mattes and the shimmers performed really well for me!! That sucks that you don’t like half of it. Great review either way!!

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    1. Oh that’s so strange!! Maybe they did something weird with them, or I just got a dud. I’m glad it worked for you though!!!
      And thank you😊😊


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