Life update: things happening in 2019

So I feel like a life update is in order! Not that I think a lot of you care (if you do, I love you and we are best friends now xoxo), but I feel like it's necessary to keep myself accountable, because if I state it on the blog, y'all can yell at me… Continue reading Life update: things happening in 2019

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My favourite true crime youtubers!

Disclaimer: the channels and videos mentioned could possibly contain: murder, kidnapping, rape and all kinds of evil things. If you are not interested in these things or are in any way triggered by such things (which is totally understandable), please don't read this blogpost or click the links!  So, as you may know, I'm really… Continue reading My favourite true crime youtubers!

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Favourite Non-fiction of 2018!!

I love non-fiction, and it really deserves more love than it's getting! So here's the list of my favourite non-fiction of 2018! 2018 was a really great non-fiction year for me, there weren't many books I didn't like which made this list extra hard. But I tried my best and here we are! (Psst, if… Continue reading Favourite Non-fiction of 2018!!