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Makeup Favourites of 2016

Here we go, we finally reached the point of doing our yearly favourites. I'm pretty excited about it, because I like knowing what other people love! So let's start! Favourite Foundation: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in shade 01. Yes, I am that white that you can barely see it in the photo, and I'm the… Continue reading Makeup Favourites of 2016

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Makeup Empties #1

Who else feels highly accomplished in life when they finish a product?! Especially finishing makeup products makes me feel really good about myself, sort of like: "See! I may have too much makeup, but I do use it all!" So here are a view short reviews on these products, if there's a review on my… Continue reading Makeup Empties #1

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Review: Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java

I really wanted to try this Bourjois Rice powder powder (yes, that's what poudre de riz means). Why? Because of the packaging! I am shallow like that. But look at it! It's beautifully old looking and I just couldn't wait to try it! So I did. This powder came back to live because of Bourjois'… Continue reading Review: Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java