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Tag: Mid- Year Book Freak Out!

I mentioned my favourite books of the year so far, but let's have a look at all the other stuff of 2019! 1. Best book you’ve read so far? Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend! Other than that, you can check out my blogpost here.  2. Best sequel you’ve read so far? Ah, I'm not even sure… Continue reading Tag: Mid- Year Book Freak Out!

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Stitchcraft Magazine

Out of my entire vintage magazine collection, Stitchcraft Magazine is by far the biggest collection. I own quite a few, ranging from the 1950s to the 1960s and let me tell you why. Stitchcraft Magazine is one I highly recommend if you are into needlework, because this magazine has tons of amazing patterns for knitting,… Continue reading Stitchcraft Magazine

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My Favourite Vintage Knitting Etsy Stores!

Since about a year, I've taken up knitting. Why, you may ask? Because there are tons of clothes I see the pretty ladies in movies wear, that I can't find anywhere! I love the 1950s style, but I either have to sell my kidneys to pay for it, or I can't find anything like it.… Continue reading My Favourite Vintage Knitting Etsy Stores!

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Good Housekeeping

A few months ago, I made a blogpost about my vintage magazine collection. Since then, it's gotten out of hand (as you'll notice in upcoming posts...) and I wanted to share with you why I collect them, and maybe inspire you into collecting them too! Though, I hope not too many of you will, as… Continue reading Good Housekeeping