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Favourite books of 2020

Let's start this of with some positive things! I read a total of 103 books in 2020, and these are my favourites. 18-th Century Fashion in Detail by Susan NorthThis is a beautiful book which truly lives up to it's title. You get really close-up details on garments and some text on said garments. You… Continue reading Favourite books of 2020

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Favourite Non-fiction of 2018!!

I love non-fiction, and it really deserves more love than it's getting! So here's the list of my favourite non-fiction of 2018! 2018 was a really great non-fiction year for me, there weren't many books I didn't like which made this list extra hard. But I tried my best and here we are! (Psst, if… Continue reading Favourite Non-fiction of 2018!!

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Favourite Fiction Books of 2018!!

I'm so excited about December!!! Not because of Christmas (don't care much for it), nor for New Years ( I care even LESS about that!) but because all our favourites get back in the spotlight! Everyone is positive, everyone mentions all the things they loved over the year and I'm so excited to read and… Continue reading Favourite Fiction Books of 2018!!

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The Crown Jewels: Picture Books

I asked on Instagram whether you guys wanted to see a blogpost about my favourite picture/children's books, and y'all said "YES!", so here I am with my favourite picture books for our younger children. Before I start, a quick background to my love for picture books. I'm the oldest of 3 children and the oldest… Continue reading The Crown Jewels: Picture Books

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Fashion & Beauty History: where to start?

As you may be well aware, I love fashion and beauty history! If I could study one subject, it would be this! I love how you can take a picture from any era (or painting!) and you can tell when it was made just by looking at the clothes. Clothes tell stories, fashion tells stories,… Continue reading Fashion & Beauty History: where to start?

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My favourite non-fiction books!

I really like reading non-fiction. I never had an issue with reading it as a child, and now as an adult, I still really like reading it! I know it seems intimidating to some people, so today I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite non-fiction books. Mind you, I read quite a… Continue reading My favourite non-fiction books!

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2017 Makeup Favourites!

SO, the time has come, to tell y'all about my 2017 makeup favourites! If you are wondering why there isn't a favourite for a certain product, that is because nothing I tried last year was a favourite.  I don't think this needs an explanation so let's get started! Primer: Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Oil… Continue reading 2017 Makeup Favourites!