A very small life update! ♥

Hello kids!

Just a very small life update, as I haven’t blogged for a while I thought it was necessary!

As of April of this year, I’m going back to school to become a Teacher’s Assistant! I really want to get back into studying and I really miss working with children, and I really miss teaching! I don’t think I’ll get back into teaching, I’m a lot better working with children who need one-on-one time than teaching a whole class. I’m incredibly excited, I honestly can’t wait to start and I’m just really hyped up!

I’ve been reading lots, knitting lots and doing lots, so my book reviews will be back in full swing quite soon. As of writing this I’ve already read 13 books… and we aren’t even halfway through February yet… Oops?

I hope you guys are doing great and I will get back to you all soon ♥

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