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Review: Organic & Botanic Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturiser

My skin is my worst enemy. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but considering I’ve got rosacea, acne ánd incredibly dry skin. Like really dry. To the point it bleeds in winter, dry. Try finding a moisturiser that works with that! This did one?

The Organic & Botanic Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturiser is formulated to counteract daily stress and rejuvenate the skin throughout the night when it is most receptive to skin treatments. Formulated to regulate and balance the skin, whilst nourishing and hydrating.

The main active ingredients in this formulation are:
– Tiare Flower: is well known for its nourishing benefits, helping to bring intense hydration to the skin.
– Coconut Oil: helps to soothe dry, itchy or sensitive skin.
– Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil: aims to promote skin hydration for healthier looking skin. – Dr Botanicals website 

Coconut oil is something that really works with my skin. It calms my redness quite a bit, so that’s what drew me to this. It’s cruelty free, vegan and promised to work with my dry skin. However, I’m not a big fan.

When I used this, after cleansing my skin, it BURNED. I don’t mind burning too much, but wow, it isn’t nice to start the evening with, I can tell you that. My skin isn’t even that sensitive, even though I have rosacea, I don’t experience burning often with products, so it surprised me when this one did! And it didn’t just do it once, or twice, but all the time I used it.

It’s a light weight formula, a bit gel-like and it did smell ok, but it didn’t give me enough hydration to justify the burning. My main concern is my dryness, so if it hurt and gave me good hydration, I would’ve been writing a positive review, but whenever I used this (even combined with a hyaluronic acid!) my skin was flaky when I woke up.

I really wanted to like this, but alas, it’s a no from me!

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