How to read more when you don’t feel like reading

I’ve been having a rough year, and even though I want to read, I don’t feel like reading at all. However, I’m already nearing my 100 book year goal. People ask me how I do this, how do I read so much? Well, here are a few of my tips!

Don’t force yourself
But at the same time, do force yourself. Just don’t force yourself to read something you don’t like. Maybe the story itself sounds really interesting to you, but maybe it’s just not the time right now to read it. Just put it to the side and grab something new to read. It doesn’t matter how many books you finish, it matters that you read! Make yourself read, but if you keep reading things you don’t enjoy, it will get harder to read!

Do force yourself
Force yourself to read on your commute. I nearly always read on my commute to work or back home. It’s only about 15 minutes each way, maybe a little bit more depending on what time I get at the station, and it’s only half an hour, but I do read! Again, it doesn’t matter how much you read, but it matters that you do read! It becomes a habit to read on your commute. If reading is too difficult for you to do on your commute, get audio books! They are the same thing, you are just listening to the story instead of reading it.

Pick something you enjoy
If there’s something that sparks my reading joy, it’s fashion history.  I can finish those books in a week easily, however, other books might take months. If I’m feeling in a slump, I get a book about fashion history, and get excited to read it! Or if I want to read something quickly, I grab one of my children’s books and read those. You don’t need to use your brain and it’s just a lot of fun to read a quick story. 

Pick happy books
Even though sad books have their place, they aren’t the best option to read when you are in a slumpy time. I always get really sad when I read those books and they make me want to read less, because I’m still mourning that book! Happy books make me happy, and make me want to read more. It doesn’t matter that there happens something sad in the middle of the book, as long as the ending is happy it makes me want to read!

Don’t beat yourself up about it
But the most important thing is that you don’t beat yourself up about it. Reading is a hobby, it isn’t a game, it isn’t something that is highly important. It’s a hobby that should bring you joy. If you need a break from reading, that’s fine! The books will still be here when you get back to it. ♥

These are a few of my tips on how to read more when you are feeling slumpy! I hope it helped 🙂

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