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So, I opened up a shop!

I’ve been thinking about sharing my knitting patterns for a while now. I have ‘saved’ so many vintage magazines, and I want to share these with the world. I’m too afraid people will cut my magazines up (there are people who actually sell individual pages of magazines so people can use this as decoration and it HURTS MY SOUL.) so I didn’t know how to.

I realised I could just scan my knitting patterns and put them on Etsy! Because I wanted to share them, I put the pricing as low as possible, with still making a little profit and being able to afford the Etsy costs, so everyone can afford them. As I’m currently unemployed, making a small profit will really help us through the coming months.

Now I know vintage knitting patterns aren’t for everyone, but I’m really excited to be sharing one my favourite things! 🙂

I’m trying to put up more patterns each week and I’m just really excited haha!

jumperfront1956 Jumper, €1.45 

summerjumperfront1956 sleeveless top, €1.45 

angorajumperfront1950s Angora Jumper, €1.45 

chunkyknitfront1950s Cardigan, my personal favourite!, €1.45 

chunkycardigan1950s Quick Knit Cardigan, €1.45 

casualjumperfront.jpg1950s Parent and Child Jumper, €1.45 

crochetslippersfront.jpg1950s Crochet Slippers, €0.48

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