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Review: the Colonel and the Bee by Patrick Canning

I’d like to start by saying this was the first book I got from an author in return for a review! If you don’t know how this works, let me break it down: on my blog I have a review policy, before authors or publishers send me an email, that’s where they can find all the things I will consider and things I won’t. They will send me an email and explain what their book is about and I will consider it! I don’t say yes to books just because I’m excited that someone wants me to review their book. I always accept books that are interesting to me and sound like fun! Why would I want to spend my time reading a book that I don’t even want to read normally? So I can start with saying that I was really excited to read this one!

Title: the Colonel and the Bee
Author: Patrick Canning
Pages: 280
Published: May 28th 2018 by Evolved Publishing
ISBN: 9781622530243

A peculiar explorer and downtrodden acrobat span the globe on a building-sized hot air balloon, in search of a precious artifact and the murderous treasure hunter who seeks it.
Beatrix, a spirited but abused acrobat in a traveling circus, seeks more than her prison-like employment offers. More than anything, she wants to know her place in the world of the halcyon 19th century, a time when the last dark corners of the map were being sketched out and travel still possessed a kind of magic.

One night in Switzerland, the mysterious Colonel James Bacchus attends Beatrix’s show. This larger-than-life English gentleman, reputed to have a voracious appetite for female conquests, is most notable for traveling the world in a four-story hot air balloon called The Ox.

Beatrix flees that night to join the Colonel, and the two of them make a narrow escape—Beatrix from her abusive ringleader, the Colonel from a freshly-made cuckold. Beatrix, feeling the Colonel may have the answers to her problems, pledges to help him catch the criminal he seeks in exchange for passage on his magnificent balloon.

The criminal seeks a precious figurine, The Blue Star Sphinx, but he’s not alone. The Sphinx’s immense value has also drawn the attention of the world’s most deadly treasure hunters. A murder in Antwerp begins a path of mystery that leads all the way to the most isolated island on Earth.
What dangers await the Colonel and the acrobat?

The Colonel and the Bee has such an interesting story, I LOVE the Colonel, he’s ridiculous, he’s an ass, but he’s a loveable ass! I didn’t expect to like him as much as I do, he’s a Flirt (yes with a capital F), he’s arrogant, just everything I don’t like and I want to read all of the books about him. He’s honestly the best thing about this book.

I was so excited to read this as it’s set in Europe! Most books are either set in the UK or America, which is fine considering most authors I read are from these two areas (I know bad of me! I’m trying to better myself to read more diversely!) but it’s really nice to read something about things I know.

And that’s it’s downfall.

I’m from Europe, Netherlands to be precise, I spend a lot of time in my life in Belgium and Germany so I’m pretty familiar with all of these countries. The author wasn’t. I really, really liked the story and I really like the author, so I feel really bad for getting annoyed with it but there were just a few things that annoyed me, for example, Antwerp was suddenly French speaking (which it isn’t), also, there aren’t any mountains near Antwerp and it was talked about in the book. One little pet peeve of mine is that people call the Netherlands ‘Holland’, which is inaccurate and also used in the book. There were just tons of little things like this in the first 50 pages of the book, and considering I am from this area, it annoyed me that there were so many little mistakes. It made me not enjoy the book at all!

Now, I know that it’s a fantasyesque book, I ge that, but if you use actual places that exists, it’s a bit weird to change the entire landscape and even what language they speak in said city… It annoyed me.

It’s truly a shame, because I’m so interested in the story! I’ll probably make my boyfriend read it, he’s less annoyed by these things, so he can tell me what it’s about, because I truly want to now what happens with the Colonel and the Bee! The author told me he hopefully wants to make this into a series and I mentioned that I would gladly help him with any European questions, because I truly want him to succeed.

If you like fantasyesque books with interesting stories and some ridiculous (in the best way!) characters, I recommend this book! If you get annoyed by these little things that I got annoyed at, I don’t, no matter how interesting this book might be.

I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads and you can get your copy here.

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