Writing blogposts every day

I’ve been writing blogposts every day for the entirety of May. Usually I write a lot of blogposts ahead of time, but this time I didn’t. Not because I’m being an ass to myself, but just because I’ve been so busy with life!

Now, it’s not like I’m working so much, but I’ve been feeling a bit not like myself since losing Saar. My boyfriend is switching jobs, I’m applying for jobs, I’m planning my trip to London, I’ve been knitting tons, it’s just been busy! That, and honestly, it’s a lot harder to write blogposts ahead of time than it used to be! I used to write blogposts every day all the time! Nowadays I just don’t, because I don’t even have enough to talk about!

The thing about bookblogging and beautyblogging is that you need to HAVE the things to talk about them, I mean, tags are a lot of fun, but it would be boring if I did them every day, wouldn’t it? And I just don’t have the money to buy tons of beauty, makeup and books, even though it may seem like it, especially with the books. I actually find it really difficult to spend money on myself. Money on my home? No worries! My cats? Hi, here’s all my money to give them toys and food and happiness. Money on me? Oh no can do!

I think a lot of people forget about that. Blogging costs a lot more money than I actually earn. Fun fact: the amount of money I earned with blogging the past two years is 1,11 dollar. Yep, 1 dollar and 11 cents. So I don’t make a lot of money while writing blogposts!

I don’t do it for the money though, honestly. I love my books, I love my makeup and I want to share my love with you guys! I love the people responding to my blogposts, because it makes it feel like I helped someone deciding whether they should spend their hard earned money on a product or book. Nobody wants to spend money on things that are crappy!

So this is a tiny little blogposts just reflecting on the fact that I can’t write blogposts anymore, and I don’t think I will be doing it again any time soon, or I need to feel adventurous, haha! June will be a little bit more quiet, but I did find my groove again with blogging, and I’m glad I’m back in full swing and feeling a lot better!

I love my blog, and I’m happy I’ve got mine. But writing blogposts every day for a month is a lot harder than I thought, haha! 🙂

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