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So you want to get into crime

I love true crime. I blame my mum for this, she started me young on the detective wagon and now I’m here, with a slight obsession. If you want to get into true crime, but don’t know where to start, than this is the blogpost for you!

For a laugh:
15801685Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy
Every wondered what happened to the bodies of famous people after they’ve died? This is the one for you! This book is hilarious, but very male and white orientated. I really enjoyed reading this one, it’s been a while, but it was a lot of fun and I actually learned quite a lot from it! This is more of a ‘funny’ book than it is to learn anything from, but it’s a great way to get introduced into true crime!

If you want to learn everything and more:20729814the Art of English Murder by Lucy Worsley (also known as a Very British Murder)
This book will tell you absolutely everything you could ever want to know about true crime. However, if you haven’t read the entirety of certain crime series (amongst other thing: Poirot and miss Marple) you will be spoiled when reading this book! This is basically starts out with the Victorians and why they were so obsessed with crime and it explains how it evolved from there. I learned a LOT of this book and I HIGHLY recommend it, as it’s honestly a book every lover of crime should have!

If you are more into lost heads:
20665578Severed: a history of heads lost and heads found by Frances Larson 
This is more of a ‘dry’ work, but if you really want to learn something, this book about decapitation is definitely something you should look into! It can get a bit dry, but this isn’t a book that you should skip on. I really enjoyed this book and I learned so much from this! For example: did you know that shrunken heads were made just to please tourists?

if the Victorians are more your thing:
3891793the Suspicious of Mr Whicher by Kate Summerscale 
Yes, there’s a series about it, no I haven’t watched it, but you should really read this one! This was a really interesting read on a horrible, gross crime. A young boy is found in an outside toilet, his throat slashed. Who did it…? I really, really enjoyed this book, because it felt like a detective, but you it’s all 100% true. The ending got me really frustrated though… I highly recommend this one if you are into detective novels and want to get into non-fiction, it’s a great introduction!

These are some of my recommendations! What’s your favourite true crime book?

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