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Review: the Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty

I love fashion books, absolutely love them. After reading Dior’s fashion book, I had to get more from this series! Not only is it pink, it’s written in the late 50s, which is only my favourite era of fashion. So let’s have a look:

In this gorgeous style guide from the 50s, American fashion designer Anne Fogarty reveals the secrets of ‘wife-dressing’ – the art of looking chic on all occasions, be it at a cocktail party, on the tennis pitch or in the boudoir. Illustrated with Fogarty’s stylish drawings and 50s fashion photography from John French, this handbag-sized guide contains all the advice and inspiration you need to make you the happiest and hippest couple in town. 

This book is written by a career woman. Yep, Anne Fogarty is a wife and mother, but is still working when she wrote this book. That gives a really interesting angle to this book. I thought it would be a lady who is herself a housewife telling other women what they should do and not work because men !!! but it isn’t like that at all. Anne Fogarty doesn’t care whether you are a stay-at-home-mum or a careerwoman like her, she just cares about the way you dress.

The book doesn’t just talk about the clothes you should wear regularly, but what to pack for holidays, when you are just relaxing at home, what to wear for certain parties, she talks about everything you could ever need fashion advice for. And best of all, like Dior, Anne doesn’t tell you to get everything, nor does she sa spend all your money, no she wants you to get your wardrobe on your terms, with your money, and to not spend stupidly, but smartly, and I really love that about this book.

I learned a lot from this book and I highly recommend it if you are into 1950s fashion. I want to get a whole new wardrobe right now, because I feel like I’m lacking a lot thanks to this book, haha!

Are you as excited about it as I was? You can get your copy here. 

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