25 facts about me!

I’m turning 25 this year and I’ve noticed that I talk a lot about things around me, but never really about me, if that makes sense. Which is funny, because I’m an incredibly open person! So to celebrate I’m nearly 25, my blog reached 500 followers and my blog is 4 years old, let’s try to have a convo about me, without me trying to mention books, cats or makeup! 😉

1. I’m Dutch AND German!
I’m incredibly proud of my grandparents, they are my biggest heroes, so I’m always really proud to mention that I’m part German as well. My mum’s mum is full on German, and my mum’s dad is half German. Which was a gay ol’ time in the after war period in the Netherlands, I can tell you that. Though, my German is pretty bad, I can read and understand it really well, if it isn’t in dialect.

2. I am allergic to greenery
I love plants! I love flowers! My earliest memory is my grandma telling me all about the flowers in our garden on my second birthday, but I can’t touch anything green, as I get really itchy!


3. I’m actually a makeup artist!
I got my diploma a few years ago but I’ve actually never worked in the industry. Not because I don’t want to, but I live in a part of the Netherlands where they don’t need makeup artists. I do miss it, but hey, that’s why I review for the blog! 😉

4. I’m obsessed with true crime youtube
I watch a lot of youtube anyways, but I LOVE true crime stuff. Well, any crime really. I even wrote a blogpost about my favourite true crime youtubers! I can watch it for hours and days on end!

5. I’m a history buff
My boyfriend is a history teacher by education, and that’s the reason why we started dating, haha. History is my thing. I love it SO much. I like to read about everything, I like to go to museums and just I LOVE history kids. A lot of people are surprised by it, as I know so much. I can talk about certain topics for hours. I do have an issue with dates though, I can’t remember dates which is highly annoying when you talk about history, haha. That’s mostly thanks to my fibro, so I can’t help it!


6. I used to live in Australia and the UK!
I lived in Australia for two years, even went to school there for a year, which I honestly keep forgetting. And I used to live in the UK for 3 months. I lived in Oxfordshire and I’ve never felt more at home!

7. I’m an au pair! 
My grandma, my mum and I, all have been au pairs. I started out in the Netherlands and worked in Australia and the UK. I really enjoyed it, and I’ve had kids from 6 months to 8 years old! I really miss it sometimes.

8. I’m terrified of birds and whales!
A lot of people think it hilarious, but I’m genuinely afraid of birds and whales. I freak out whenever I hear the whale noises, I feel really uncomfortable just writing it out and thinking about it, haha! I’ve always been afraid of birds, especially chickens, which is hilarious, as my grandpa used to have a chicken egg company…

9. I’m the oldest!
I’ve got two younger siblings, who are 20 and 22 as of writing. I’m also the oldest of all our cousins, the youngest being 12 years younger than me. I’m the typical older cousin, always wanting to take care of the others, but I really love all my cousins, they are really special to me and I’m their biggest fan!

10. I’m from a very artistic family
My family from both sides is really artistic, which is quite envious! My uncle is PJ Roggeband, he has the world record for widest website (yes that’s a thing!) and he collects 11 letter words. My mum’s drawings are amazing (I wish I had that talent!), my sister is a photographer, my brother studied film (or something like it, I honestly keep forgetting what he did haha!), my younger cousin Lieke has AMAZING drawing skills, my cousin Lisa has great photography skills, my German grandma is an amazing cook (which is also artistic!) and my Dutch grandma used to be a ballerina (which is also artistic!). Yes, I’m jealous of every single one of them, haha!


11. I used to do modelling!
Ok, hair modelling, but I loved it! The photographer was always amazed with me, not because I’m talented or anything, but because most models have a difficulty looking ‘happy’, I had difficulties looking ‘angry’! I enjoyed it so much that I look happy in nearly all my photos, haha!

12. I’m incredibly close to my grandparents.
My grandparents are my biggest heroes. I’m obsessed with them and I don’t mind. My grandparents are amazing. I’m really close to all of them and I’m lucky I am! Unfortunately, my Dutch grandma and my Dutch-German grandpa aren’t around anymore but I’m still lucky to have two out of four left. I tend to talk a lot about my grandparents, which again, annoys a lot of people, but I can talk about them for hours, haha!


13. I’m a natural blonde!
Though I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 years old, I’m actually a blonde. Yep! Shocking! I know! Not a lot of people know this about me, because my eyebrows are quite dark, but I’m honestly a blonde. It doesn’t suit me at all, I prefer my copper hair.

14. I’m obsessed with the Victorian Era.
When I say “I’m obsessed” I mean that one time my dad and I went to a German castle and we walked into a room with a huge ass painting of Victoria and I had to try so very hard to not cry! I’ve always been obsessed with it, I just love the fashion, the books, the everything about it!

15. I take over accents
I live in the south of the Netherlands, which has it’s own dialect and a very specific accent. Though, I don’t sound southern to the southern people, I do for people in the north. However, whenever there’s someone near me that talks with a specific accent, I take over their accent, without noticing! When I still worked at the bookshop, I had to make sure I wouldn’t take over costumers accents and offend them. I really can’t help it!

16. I love boring games
I love, love, love boring games! Give me zootycoon or civilazation and I’m set for the day. My favourite game is Ni No Kuni though, and I can’t wait to get a ps4 to play that again!

17. I love Disney!
My favourite movies are Princess and the Frog and Tangled.

18. I’m definitely not a city girl!
I currently live in the city and I hate it. Absolutely hate it. There’s nothing I like about it. I grew up in a small town surrounded by forests and greenery and I miss the green! I can’t wait to move and just leave the city, wow!


19. I’m very, very Dutch.
For funsies, I tracked down my family tree, and I discovered I’m very, very, very, very Dutch. I traced down my dad’s side of the family back to the 1550s! Which is quite impressive as we aren’t a noble family on that side, we are actually farmers.

20. I watch almost every movie with subtitles
Because I get really easily distracted, I have to watch nearly every movie with subtitles so I know what’s actually going on when I space out again, haha!


21. I haven’t seen my best friend in 5 years!
I can count my friends on one hand. But the most special of friends, my best friend, I haven’t seen in 5 years! He lives in Australia which is stupid of him, but I forgive him as he’s so wonderful. We went to school together in Australia and we were best friends from day 1. We talk nearly every day and I love him very much. We are incredibly different, but quite the same at the same time. It’s the best friendship! ♥

22. I don’t drink alcohol!
The one thing people get angry about it’s this. For some reason people just can’t accept the fact I don’t drink alcohol???? I don’t do it for any other reason than I don’t like the taste of alcohol!

23. My memory is ridiculous
Ask me anything about what I did in the 90s early 2000s and I can tell you everything, down to the things I was wearing that day. Whenever my family wants to know something for certain, they ask me, because random facts are things I will always remember, and the longer it has been, the more vividly I remember. HOWEVER, ask me what I did yesterday, I have absolutely no idea!!

24. I’m incredibly naive.
But like, in a good way. I always see the best in people, because you never know what kind of day people are having.

25. I’m incredibly boring
It took me way too long to even think of 25 facts! I’m really boring, I don’t have a lot of special things about me, and that’s okay! There always has to be that one friend who’s boring and that’s me, haha!

SO here we go! Bit of a long one but I hope you got to know me a little better haha.

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