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Review: Mario Badescu Kera Moist Cream

I’ve tried so much Mario Badescu, it’s getting boring, if I’m honest! This’ll be the last one in a while, don’t you worry! A few weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about the Kera Moisturizer, and I said I thought I would probably like the cream better. So here I am, I tried it out, and let’s see if it’s any better!

Moisturize and boost radiance in dehydrated or mature skin. A brightening blend of Isodecyl Salicylate (a mild beta hydroxy acid) and Lemongrass Extract helps smooth the look of wrinkles and even out skin tone by removing dulling buildup. Additionally, our Kera Moist Cream is enriched with Avocado Oil, Rose Hip Oil (a natural source of antioxidant Vitamin C), and Oat Kernel to nourish the skin with nutrient-rich hydration. – Mario Badescu website

Now, my skin isn’t mature by any means, I’m only 24 (25 in July), I really got this because my skin is drier than dry. It’s sensitive and I’ve got rosacea to boot. So it looked like something I would enjoy using!


Unfortunately, this wasn’t a success either! The cream is really nice, I love to use it, it smells nice, it looks nice (I’m partial to pink!) but it doesn’t give me what I want. When I use this at night, I will wake up with dry skin, it just isn’t enough for me. Now, it didn’t worsen my rosacea, but it didn’t improve it either. My skin is just feeling left slightly painful, still dry and it doesn’t look any healthier or anything! It’s going to be a pass for me, unfortunately. I like the Mario Badescu masks, but the moisturizers just aren’t it!

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