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Home Notes Magazine

I talked about Good Housekeeping a few days ago, so let’s have a look at my other favourite magazine: Home Notes!


Home Notes is a typical magazine: it talks about children, fashion, cooking, needlecrafts, short stories, the lot! I really enjoy reading these as they are an amazing look into the past and they are just a lot of fun! It’s a lot of fun to read the New Year’s edition, where they talk about all the things they will remember from the previous year, but those are things that we don’t know anything about now!

Let’s take a look at the history of Home Notes:

Home Notes was a weekly magazine that started in 1895 in the UK, the earliest I currently own is from the 1930s. Home Notes was in publication until 1958, when it got taken over by Women’s Own. Because it’s a weekly magazine, they are a little bit harder to find in good condition, but they are totally worth it, in my opinion! Though, don’t go out looking for them, I want to be able to buy them as well, haha! Especially the 1950s ones are incredibly typical, I mean, just look at those covers, it couldn’t get more stereotypical 50s even if it tried!



20190424_135441 (1).jpg



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