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Review: Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer

Primer is something that I actually really need. It may sound gimmicky to you, but my skin is so incredibly dry that my skincare routine doesn’t give me enough to still look good when I apply foundation. I could just look for a better skincare regime, but kids, I am using a LOT of hydrating products and it’s still not enough. While browsing on the Beauty Bay website I came across this one by Cover FX. Did I like this one?

Cover FX Anti Aging Primer nourishes and hydrates the skin whilst having a smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles for a flawless finish.

Ideal for all skin types, especially normal and dry skin, Anti Aging Primer extends the wear of your favourite Cover FX Foundation whilst ensuring the skin is hydrated.

Infused with a potent blend of multi Vitamins and Omega 3, Anti Aging Primer promotes collagen production and clarifies the skin, whilst repairing UV damage. A high content of Antioxidants prevents photo-ageing and rejuvenates the skin. Anti Aging Primer is also enriched with a Mediterranean Olive-derived emollient which improves skin elasticity and softens the skin texture for a more youthful appearance.

Anti Aging Primer leaves the skin looking flawless, radiant and youthful, whilst promoting effortless foundation application and long lasting make-up. – Beauty Bay website 

I don’t really care about anti-aging products, not because I don’t have any fine lines (I’ve got dry skin so of course I do!) but because I don’t really believe in it. I believe that if you hydrate your skin well enough, you can avoid a lot of them, but wrinkles and fine lines are just genetics honestly. This product, however, just seemed so interesting for my skin! And let me tell you, I’m quite impressed!

When I first tried this product, I was kind of put off by the colour. The product looks really gross, it has a yellow colour and okay, it just looks nasty. It applies like a silicone primer, so your face feels funny and slippery when you apply it. Honestly, I can’t really explain what it feels like, you know when you’ve used a silicone primer before! It doesn’t really have a scent to it, which is always a bonus. I usually let it set on my face a little bit before I apply foundation on it. It hydrates my skin really well and makeup looks really nice on my skin when applied. My makeup lasts a lot longer as well, I’ve noticed, and it works actually quite impressive!

I don’t see anything of the other things it promises, my skin isn’t more soft, my fine lines aren’t gone, just all of these claims didn’t come true for me. That’s also probably because it’s a primer and we don’t wear make-up every day. If you use skincare sparingly, it won’t work for you, so let alone a primer with big claims that you use a few times a week. That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend this product! I really do, because it’s a nice primer, just don’t expect miracles in a primer. I didn’t get this product for it’s anti-aging properties, I got it because it promised a lot of hydration and it does deliver on that promise!

Have you tried any of Cover FX’ primers?

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