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Review: Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Face Milk

My rosacea has been getting out of control lately. I’ve been under a lot of stress, losing my job and losing my Saar, and whenever I get stressed, it flares up like mushrooms in autumn! When I ordered some makeup on the ColourPop website, I ordered this one as well. Did I like it?

A silky drop of comfort to soothe irritated, unhappy skin. Formulated with Argan Milk, Rose Milk, Oat and Chamomile, this formula will nurture your complexion with soothing moisture. – ColourPop website

I mean, doesn’t it sound like something that would really help my skin?

I do really love using this one, it smells really faintly, but it smells really nice. It’s a cute pink colour, which is my favourite colour and it absorbs really quickly.

Unfortunately, those are the only positive things about this.
I go through this like water, and I don’t even use a lot! I’ve never used an oil/milk product as quickly as this one. Which wouldn’t be too much of an issue, if it actually did something. This product does absolutely nothing for my skin! It doesn’t make it feel any better, it doesn’t make my rosacea any less, it does nothing, which is such a shame!

I had really hoped this would be a good product, not a miracle product but a GOOD product, but alas! Maybe if your skin is more to the ‘normal’ side it would work, but not for my extremely dry rosacea sensitive skin. 😦

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