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Why I love my cats so much

Ok, we all love our pets, that’s why they are our pets. Some people call themselves their pets’ ‘owner’, others call them their ‘children’, and I’m part of the last group.There’s nothing wrong with considering yourself the ‘owner’ of a pet, but I personally don’t believe you can ‘own’ any living thing with a brain. That doesn’t really explain why I love my cats so much though. I’ve noticed that I really take my love for my cats to a whole new level compared to others lol.

Well, first, let me introduce them to you: I’ve got three cats, Wijn, Mathilda and Saar and if you want to get to know them a little better, I wrote entire blogposts about them! In case you can’t be bothered to read them (boo!!) I will recap how they got into my life while we’re going over them!

But okay, let’s get into this, and it might get a little dark?????? Probably?????? So if you are looking for a really fun story this isn’t it really but hey at least there’s cute cat pics. I mean, we’re all here for those anyways. 😉

So, I got Wijn as a get one, get one for free deal with my boyfriend. Wijn picked me to be her mum and we’ve been in each other’s life from then on. My boyfriend is in the army, so sometimes he leaves for days on end and Wijn didn’t know what was happening and she got really bad separation anxiety because of it. When I got into her life she always had one constant: I was always home at night. Always, no matter what. But she will never realise she’s doing the exact same thing for me. I’m home alone a LOT. I don’t really have friends close by and I don’t have a license to go to my friends frequently. Also, I’ve got social anxiety, yes I’m not fun at parties.
So, without Wijn, my boyfriend and I probably wouldn’t be together anymore. That sounds really silly and drastic, but don’t underestimate the amount of time I spend on my own, and it’s Not Fun. With Wijn I wasn’t as lonely. We spend an entire year together and we were the best of friends. We still are, honestly, she’s laying next to me while I’m typing this haha. We keep each other company and life is a lot less lonely with her. And she really changed my life, honestly! She showed me what unconditional love looks like. She’s a true papa’s girl, but sometimes she can’t decide who she wants to cuddle. If that’s her biggest struggle in life, we are doing a pretty good job in taking care of her! Her separation anxiety is gone, completely. She will snuggle up to me at night because she knows I’ll lay still the entire night (this is entirely subconsciously!!) and whenever I sleep in, she will jump on the bed, climb on top of me and meow really quietly to see if I’m awake for a snuggle. She loves me, and having her in my life was the first time I truly felt like I’d be loved forever. She will never get angry with me, I will never disappoint her, and she will never hurt me, and she calms me down so much because of it!


55491771_2808694929157043_5009573051449212928_n (1)Ok so, we got Mathilda around the same time my grandpa passed away. We didn’t get her because of that though, I just saw her little face on the animal shelter website and fell in love. However, she did really help with the grieving process. Ok, I’m still struggling with not having my grandpa around anymore, yes even after 2 years I had a good ol’ cry about it just the other day, but I felt really alone after he passed. I was really close to my grandpa and I felt really, really lost.
Along came Mathilda. She was the cutest little thing and she was MY cat. Wijn is definitely a papa’s girl, she will always go to him instead of me, but Mathilda loves me and just me. She doesn’t like other people (like mama like daughter? lol) and she will go to me whenever she feels sad, or happy or just anything! She loves me so much and you can tell she does. I will personally fight anyone who says cats can’t love, because all three of them do,but Mathilda takes it to a whole different level. Whenever I’m upstairs, she runs up to be with me. When I take a bath and she’s awake, she will go up to the bath and make sure I’m ok. When she notices that I’m awake in bed, be it during the night or in the morning, she will run to the bed, jump the mightiest jump and will scream for attention. She will boop her face into my face, my chest and my arms for a cuddle.


She does this every day. Every morning and every night just before bed. I’ve never in my life felt more loved than the love I get from her. It’s so amazing that such a tiny little being can love me so much! I’ve been depressed for a very, very long time (thanks to my health among other things) but Wijn and Mathilda made me feel loved, special, like I have a purpose. They love me for ME and they will continue to love me no matter what I do. I can completely fail at life, but coming home to them, seeing them all excited because I’m home makes everything worthwhile. I can be the saddest person ever, and Mathilda will snuggle me and I feel so much better. When I’m in pain, the cats will do something cute and adorable and the pain doesn’t matter anymore. Who needs paracetamol if you have cute cats, haha!

now our Saar, she’s special. Not only is she special needs, she’s also utterly ridiculous. I’ve never in my life met such a needy, loud, monster as her! She loves to be in my photos, honestly, whenever the lights are on she will scream at me because she wants her photo taken. I wish I could show you this because it’s hilarious! When I saw her photo I knew she was part of our family. I always said that when I’ve got a place of my own, I want to adopt older cats to give them a last truly loved home before they go on to kitty heaven and then we found her. Now, Saar isn’t old, she’s only 5, but she has such bad ear infections that our vet wants us to get rid of her inner ear canal. I don’t want to do that, just yet, I want to try to find a different way to make her ears better, or at least manageable. I honestly feel like we were meant to be a family like this, because not a lot of people would spend the time, effort and money into a cat with such issues, a lot of people would’ve put her down. And we don’t believe in putting down pets UNLESS it’s the best thing for them!! And it isn’t for Saar. She’s happy. She’s chatty. She loves her dad and she loves to cuddle us and she is living her best spoiled life. Saar hasn’t been in our life for a long time, but she’s so happy to be with us, she knows the vet tries to make her feel better so she’s incredibly appreciative of everything we do for her, because she knows we are trying to make her feel better. She doesn’t like it when I clean her ear, but she knows it’s for the best. I’m here to make her feel better and I think I’m doing a pretty OK job at that!


Yes, I see my cats as my children, because of all the love they give to me. Wijn and Mathilda even have their own special meow-sound for me. I mean, come on, how could you not think that’s the best thing ever? All three of them are my kids, my completely ridiculous kids and I love them with every ounce of me. That might seem weird to you, that might seem like the most normal thing to you, but I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of people in my life that love their pets as much as I love mine. It isn’t a competition, at all, but I really need to hold myself back when I talk about them because I can talk about them for HOURS. SO I felt the need to explain why I love them so much. They aren’t ‘just’ cats, they are real living beings with personalities of their own and they really are different. Wijn is an anxiety ridden mESS but loves to snuggle people, Mathilda is afraid of  everything with a pulse but loves me more than anything, Saar loves absolutely everyone and their mum and LIVES for the attention. They are just as different and you and me. I love them for it!

Do you have any pets? 🙂

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