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How to get into middle grade books

I love middle grade, they are such fun books and they really deserve some more love. A lot of grownups look down on middle grade because it’s for children. But there’s nothing wrong with being an adult and reading children’s books! So if you want to branch out into middle grade, here are some of my favourites! I will link you to reviews if I have any, in case you want to know more about the books I mention.

If you like non-fiction
If you enjoy reading non-fiction, why not try the Horrible Histories series? They are hilarious, informative and a lot of fun. As the series implies, they are history books so if you don’t like history, these won’t be the best to start with, haha. The series is finished (unfortunately!!) and will take you all the way back to the Stone Age, or to more recent times of the Second World War. They are by far my favourite non-fiction books! They do have some books that are based on cities, such as Oxford, London and Edinburgh, so if cities are more your thing check those out.
If you are more into memoirs, try out Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different , Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, or Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History they are a lot of fun too! There are enough options for all of us.

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If you like fantasy and sci-fi
The great thing about children’s fantasy, is that it’s truly magical. I love the world, I love the stories and it’s honestly amazing. I don’t like adult or even ya fantasy, it tends to be too political and other things where I’m like HMMMM. My favourite middle grade fantasy is honestly Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend. I love it SO much. It’s way better than Harry Potter ( which it gets compared to a lot), I love noticing the tiny Australian bits that get thrown into it, the world is amazing and Morrigan is the best character ever. I check google at least once a week to see what the publication date is of book 3, oops. If magic isn’t your thing and you want more adventure, try out the Girl of Ink and Stars! It is kind of similar to Maona, but it’s a really fun story full of cartography, monsters, islands and adventure. Another great option is Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi, about a girl who wants to find her way in life and her dad. It’s a fun adventure story about finding out that being different isn’t so bad after all.
If sci-fi is more your thing, I can’t recommend Time Traveling with a Hamster enough! Not only is the title hilarious, but it’s about a boy who wants to go back in time to save his dad from dying in the present. It’s such an interesting story and a lot of fun. I really felt for Al, he’s a great kid and he tries so hard! Also, we travel back in time not to something a long time ago, no, we go back to the 1980s. How fun!

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If classics are more your thing
Well, then you are in luck! There are TONS of amazing classics aimed at children. Like Anna of Green Gables, it’s a really fun story for children and adults alike. We follow Anne Shirley that gets adopted by accident by two siblings, and we tag along while she grows up in Avonlea and experiences life as part of the community. If that’s too boring for you, why not try the Famous Five series? They are more adventurous, but follow 4 cousins and their dog and the first story is about smugglers, secret passages, private islands and castle ruins. If you want something older, why not try A Little Princess? It’s about Sara who goes to boarding school and arrives really rich, but suddenly her dad passed away and she gets treated like a pariah and a pauper. It’s a really sweet story about being true to yourself and kindness gets you everywhere. If you want a truly ridiculous classic, check out Roald Dahl! He has amazing books, I mean, we all know Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but his other works were amazing as well. One of my personal favourites is Matilda, but the Twits is a lot of fun too. It’s about a couple that turns ugly because they behave ugly. Ridiculous, but a lot of fun!







If spoopy or mystery books are the bees knees
Ok, I haven’t read a lot of good scary middle grade books, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend any! My personal favourite is City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab, it’s so much fun, with ghosts, cats, and Edinburgh. My review on it is a little bit more in-depth, in case you were curious! If you want a book set in an earlier time, why not try Nooks and Crannies? It’s a really fun story about a group of 6 children that get invited to a mansion and suddenly, one by one, all the kids start to disappear… It’s a really fun story with a detective element and Tabitha is a real kickass girl! If you want more of a murder mystery, A Murder Most Unladylike [old review] is definitely the one for you! It’s about two best friends at a boarding school and suddenly, one of the teachers gets found dead. Hazel and Daisy are on the hunt to catch the murderer, before they kill again! If you rather have a really fun story with a slightly creepy vibe, than the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is the one for you. It’s ridiculous, a little boy gets raised by a graveyard full of ghosts when his family gets murdered one night. But it’s a really fun story and Neil Gaiman isn’t famous for nothing!

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There are tons of amazing middle grade books, and these are only a handful of great ones I recommend. Hopefully you can find one that suits you, or maybe even a child in your life!

What’s your favourite middle grade book? 🙂

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