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Review: Beauty Bay Going Out Out 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

My boyfriend loves to gift me makeup for Christmas and my birthday. He will research it for days to get the most perfect thing for me. It’s absolutely adorable, and for Christmas 2018, he got my this almost all shimmer eyeshadow palette! It even has some duochrome shades, how cool! Did I like it as much as he hoped?

A kaleidoscope of colour, the Going Out Out 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette features four classic mattes, thirty-three eye-catching metallics and five duochrome chameleon toppers that will instantly transform and enhance your look. Featuring a highly-pigmented formula with minimal fallout, this party-proof palette is perfect for when you’re not just going out, you’re going out out.

  • Vegan friendly
  • PETA certified cruelty free
  • Packaged in recyclable cardboard
  • Includes full size mirror – Beauty Bay website

20190303_164346 (1).jpg

As you can tell, this is a very bright palette, which I enjoy! I didn’t really have a palette in my collection that has so many colours as this one, and it’s almost all shimmer too, which is my favourite kind of eyeshadow! I was really excited to use it!

20190303_164354 (1).jpg

I mean look at it. It’s beautiful. It has amazing shades for both warm and cool toned looks. I’m not thát adventurous to try bright blue eyeshadow, but hey, it’s nice to have it in my collection.

But this is a funny palette and let me show you why.

20190303_164928 (1)
From top to bottom: Bubbles, Main Stage, Electric, One Night Only, Dusk till Dawn, Firework, Fairy Lights

The brighter colours have great pigmentation, they are soft, smooth and aren’t too patchy. They do have some fall out, but that doesn’t bother me. All of these swatches have been made with one swipe. The colours that you’d probably use for every day (the light champgnes etc.) are really bad. They just don’t have the same oompf as the colourful ones. They aren’t as sparkly, they aren’t as bright, they aren’t like it at all. It’s such a shame, as those are the colours I use the most and love! You really need to pack them on and they still aren’t as bright and great as the others.

20190303_165218 (1)

There are only 4 mattes in the palette and they definitely aren’t one size fits all. The lightest one is lighter than my skintone and the two browns aren’t even that deep… If you are only slightly more dark than me, you definitely need a second palette to make this palette work. Which isn’t a problem if you can afford more than one palette, but if you want to get one big palette to cater to all your needs, this just isn’t it

Now, for the special part of this palette, the duochrome effects!

20190303_165118 (1)

As I’m related to milk, the really light, pastel shades of the duochrome eyeshadows don’t really show on my skin when not mixed. I mean, there are 5 of those shades, and two of them aren’t even noticeable haha. I do like the idea of them! I mean, Urban Decay had a palette similar to it and it intrigued me so much.

20190303_165404 (1).jpg

And they are interesting as you can tell, but I mixed the pastel yellow with Main Stage and you can’t even tell really! So the idea is Great. Love it. But the execution is just not there yet.

So long story short: the colourful shades are great, they are easy to apply, blend nicely, are bright but not too bright, the shimmer is present but not too much and they are good shades. The rest of the palette is just not it. If you are on the hunt for a big palette with a lot of shimmery shades and lots of colour, this is totally for you! I think it would be a good palette for a beginner makeup artist, but if you are looking for a palette that’s something new and exciting, or has great neutral shades, this isn’t the one you are looking for!

Have you tried anything from the Beauty Bay makeup line?

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