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My vintage magazine collection

I love vintage magazines, not only do they show a real glimpse into the past, it’s also history you can actually touch. I love to read them, I love to look at the photos and pictures, and use them as inspiration for my life and clothing! I only started collecting late 2018, but it’s already getting out of hand, haha! I buy almost all of them on Etsy, in case you wondering where I get them! 🙂 But I’m sure you could find them in second hand shops in the UK, North America and Australia.

DSC00634.jpgStitchcraft Magazine 1950s
Stitchcraft is my favourite magazine for needlework! It has tons of amazing knitting patterns, but also embroidery and crochet. It has great women’s patterns, but they don’t forget about men and children either (though children get covered more than men). They are really enjoyable to read (yes I read them all!) and just look at them, they are so pretty and a total inspiration! I own the UK editions, Australia has their own Stitchcraft (which isn’t unusual, in case you didn’t know, Australia has opposite seasons to us!) so don’t be surprised if you order one that’s a December issue and all you see is summer patterns!


DSC00638.jpg Stitchcraft Magazine 1960s
I wasn’t joking when I said that I loved Stitchcraft! The great thing about them is that they are really fashion forward, they really go with the fashion fads and that’s what great for me as a vintage fashion enthusiast. If you like to knit, like me, and love vintage fashion, why not try out a Stitchcraft Magazine?


DSC00641.jpgNeedlewoman and Needlecraft Magazine
How cool is it to have a magazine covering a historic event AS IT HAPPENED? Needlewoman and Needlecraft is definitely more for the lady that isn’t really fashion forward and just enjoys needleworks. It does have some knitting in it, but it’s mostly for the person who enjoys embroidering and sewing. Still, a really great glimpse into the fashion of home decor!


DSC00645.jpgWoman’s Weekly
Woman’s Weekly is a magazine that, funnily enough, appeared once every week. They are more lifestyle based magazines, which I enjoy a lot! Especially those Q & A pages. I only have two as they are more difficult in pristine condition and as I read these, I want them to be good enough to read! I enjoy them and I am on the hunt for more! 🙂


DSC00649.jpgHome Notes Magazine
Home Notes is my absolute favourite out of all of them. They are just like your regular magazine, it has knitting patterns, house advice, life advice, it has serial stories, recipes… It has it all in such a tiny package! These are my absolute favourite and if you want to collect vintage magazines, I totally recommend checking out these (though, not too much so I can still buy them!). They are a lot of fun to read and it’s just a really unique glimpse into history, as I own a few New Year’s copies. In these editions they look back on the previous year and it’s just amazing to see what they thought was important enough to mention in an end of year review, but none of it is remembered now!

Not only are these magazines interesting on a fashion level, but they are so incredibly interesting on a social history level. If you are into history or into vintage fashion, I really recommend you start checking out vintage magazines!

Do you collect anything like this? 🙂


3 thoughts on “My vintage magazine collection”

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