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Meet My Pet: Mathilda!

I’m a catmum, and a very proud one too! I talked about my first baby Wijn here, but today it’s going to be all about the baby of the family, our tiny little fat gremlin, Mathilda. Buckle up kids, it’s gonna be a long one!

Mathilda was born on May 10th 2017 and we adopted her on the 15th of September 2017. In the Netherlands, we’ve got a website with ALL the pets that are available for adoption at shelters, and I saw her little face and I fell in love. I think I might’ve even cried when I saw her! She was the boldest of a litter of three, being the only girl. She was living at a family, as she was so young, and she was the one that was the most naughty of all! haha. We met her and decided to adopt her and that has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I just lost my grandpa in August of 2017 and felt really sad and alone. That makes it sound like we got Mathilda for that reason, and we didn’t, we wanted a friend for Wijn, but it did really help to have such a tiny one bringing some life into the house! She made our home her home quite quickly! Wijn didn’t want anything to do with her for 1 day, and on day 2 they were the best of friends. Now they are just like sisters, they fight a little bit, but they really love each other and love to play with each other!

20181209_220538 (1).jpg

Mathilda is quite small for her age, though she doesn’t look it. I actually thought she would grow up to be bigger than Wijn, as Wijn is quite tiny too, but Mathilda got a respiratory infection and that stunted her growth a bit. She is, however, fat. No, that’s wrong, she looks fat. Her weight is completely healthy for a cat her age and size. For some reason her shoulders make her look like she has a lot of neck fat, which is hilarious. I prefer a fat cat over a thin cat, it makes me a little bit sad when you can feel their bones when you pet them. Though, I don’t like an overweight cat! An overweight cat is an unhealthy cat, folks!! She has the most beautiful eyes and she’s a little bit cross-eyed which is ok, because so am I!


Mathilda isn’t a cuddly cat. She won’t come up to you when you are sitting on the couch for a cuddle. She doesn’t like to be petted, she needs to be in the mood. BUT every night she will jump on the bed and scream for attention and she will cuddle and lick me. She will bury her face into my armpit or my chest and will purr her heart out. She will sleep next to me (don’t judge me, I’m home alone a lot as I’m an army girlfriend so I need the companionship ok! haha) and as soon as I wake up in the morning it’ll happen all over again! She used to wake me up multiple times a night for cuddles, but now that she knows she’s here to stay she will wait til I’m awake to scream for attention. She will literally run up to the bed and jump with the biggest thud just for a cuddle! I love those moments, they honestly brighten my entire day.
Mathilda also LOVES kisses. If I ask her: “Can mama get a kiss?” she will turn her head and she will boop my lips with her head. Yes, it makes me cry from the inside of happiness every day. She will literally walk up to me, screaming, that she wants attention and she will turn her head letting me know she wants kisses. I mean, come ON, have you ever heard of anything cuter???


She isn’t the brightest star in the sky. She falls of our bed quite easily while playing, she will literally jump the wrong way when we throw a toy her way, but that’s honestly because of her cross eye, because I do the same thing as we can’t see depth! She’s a little jealous of Saar, as Saar is a cuddly cat and sleeps on our lap the entire day. Mathilda doesn’t like it when a different cat is getting all of the attention, haha! She’s never mean though, she wants to play and sometimes she scares the other cats because of it, and I’ve never seen her hiss or growl (my boyfriend says he has, but hey I’ve never seen it! haha). Our cats are really well behaved. They have to sit down before they get their food, they will honestly sit on command, and they don’t destroy anything that is ours. And I’m really proud of that! The only thing they love to destroy is the Christmas tree, but I forgive them for it, as that’s the only thing haha.

Mathilda is a special cat, she is my absolute soulmate and I’m so happy that she’s in my life. She improved all our lives so much. Our live wouldn’t be the same without her! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Meet My Pet: Mathilda!”

  1. I was brought up with a dog as our pet and had assumed cats were not as affectionate, until I met a girl who came with a cat. Over the years I have had cats and dogs and love them all as they can all be just as affectionate and loving.


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