The Good Times of 2018

Obviously we all know things come to an end, and so did 2018. This has been a very odd year, mostly because I can’t remember most of it (we’ll get to that in a bit!) and it hasn’t been very special. No special birthdays, no special parties (as if I go to any to begin with!), no special achievements… It was just your average year. And that’s okay. So, without any further ado, here are the good things that happened in 2018!

20180223_143501February – Zeeland trip
My parents took me and my boyfriend on a short trip to Zeeland, one of the provinces of the Netherlands. Which was a lot of fun! We had a lot of good food and we did quite a bit for only a three day trip. We went to a second world war museum (which my historian boyfriend is really interested in!) and went shopping in Middelburg. I wrote blogposts about it, which you can find here, if you are curious about Zeeland and what I did! 🙂

blogsa.jpgMarch – Amsterdam
My mum and I went to Amsterdam for a day trip shopping. I don’t go out often, and even less so for shopping!  I don’t really care for Amsterdam (way too crowded and way too touristy!) but it is nice to go from time to time as they do have some amazing stores (like the Bijenkorf and a Waterstones!).

blogsa.jpgMay – Went to the Efteling!
As a child I spend a lot of time in the Efteling during my Summer holidays. My Dutch grandparents lived (and still do!) really close to it, and as my grandma was disabled, we could get into everything before anyone else and had lots of special perks, haha! In May, my boyfriend and I went to it together, and it’s still as fun! The Efteling is a fairytale themed theme-park, based on the beautiful illustration of Anton Pieck and it’s just the best place ever. It isn’t just a fairytale forest, but has tons of rollercoasters and tons of things for the more “adult” of us, but for me, the fairytale forest will always be my second home. Honestly, I’ve been annoying my boyfriend by asking when we are going again! If you ever decide to come to the Netherlands, I  totally recommend visiting the Efteling!

blogsa.jpgJune – I got a diagnosis! 
So, after years of pain and strange symptoms, doctors finally took me seriously and gave me the diagnosis of fibromyalgia! It’s not something that has a cure and it will only get worse, but hey, at least it has a name and it makes me feel less insecure about my body, haha. Part of it is really, really bad memory, so that’s why  I don’t remember a ton from 2018, but ask me what I did in 1998 and I can tell you almost everything, it’s strange, I know. If you are curious about what it all means, I write about it in this blogpost, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂

blogsaJuly – I turned 24
Birthdays are still weird to me. I last saw my grandpa on my 23rd birthday, so it’s odd to celebrate it without him. He was my best friend and I miss him very, very much. My boyfriend tried his best to give me the best birthday ever and it was really sweet! My friends came over, my family was there and I had a great day!

blogsaSummer – Castle trips
For Summer, my boyfriend and I went on tons of castle trips. He’s  historian, and I call myself a “hobby historian” and castles are one of my biggest loves. We went to quite a few and I had so much fun! Again, I don’t go out much, so it was great to travel to Germany and visit some. It was really hot this summer for Dutch ideas (at one point 39 degrees Celsius, which is very, very hot for Europeans!) and my boyfriend nearly melted, but I LOVED the heat and got to run around in castles, what more could you want?

IMG_20180921_180633_390.jpgSeptember – second Zeeland trip
It was my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary, so they took my siblings and I and our partners for a weekend away to Zeeland, which was HEAPS of fun. Nobody gets my humor as much as my siblings do! I never laugh as much as when I’m with them, and having a photographer as a little sister comes in handy when you want some good photos for instagram.  We only had one day of sunshine, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!

outfitnovember1November – I published my second book!
I nearly actually forgot that my book got published this year! See, that’s how bad my memory is! It’s a picture book about a mother struggling with depression and her little girl, trying to figure out what’s wrong with her mama. So far, it had a good reception and hopefully it’ll help someone! If you want to know more, there’s a blogpost here! 

blogsa.jpgDecember – we adopted Saar!
In November I fell in love with another cat and in December we took her home. Unfortunately, the shelter kind of screwed us over and send her home with us (to a home with two cats!!) while she’s not feeling too flashy. Two weeks in and she looks like she has always lived here. She loves to take naps on my boyfriend and she will scream for attention 24/7, and they say American Curl cats are quiet, haha! I love her, but I’m really angry at the shelter for putting her through this stress with a really, really bad ear infection. She’s a sweetheart, and she will get her own blogpost in a bit, but if you are curious about my cats, here’s a post about our first cat, Wijn!

This was my year! How was your 2018? 🙂


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