Meet my Pet: Wijn!

I love my cats. My cats are my life honestly. They are my children and everyone who know me, knows this! And considering this blog is a big part of my life, I asked on Instagram whether you guys wanted to read more about my girls, and you all said yes! So here we are, let me introduce you to: Wijn!

Wijn is my boyfriend’s cat, she’s named after wine (wijn is the Dutch word for it!), she’s 4 years old and she’s PRECIOUS. The day I met her, my (now) boyfriend told me that she might not want to cuddle or even be petted by me, because she doesn’t know me. She might even hiss at me because she’s a little bit scared of other people, but I shouldn’t take it personally and there’s always next time! But then I sat down on the couch, Wijn looked at me, and she jumped on my lap and cuddled me for hours. My boyfriend didn’t know what was happening, haha! I joke a lot about Wijn choosing me as her mum before my boyfriend even decided he wanted to date me!


Wijn is definitely a papa’s girl, she loves her dad so much. When he isn’t around, she will sit on his bags or sweaters, which is incredibly adorable. In the beginning Wijn had a lot of abandonment issues,  as my boyfriend is in the army and gone for days on end sometimes and she doesn’t really know what’s happening and she was all alone at that point. But now that we’ve been together she knows that even though her dad might be gone for a few days, I’m always there, and her issues completely disappeared!
She sometimes can’t pick where she wants to sit, because she loves me so much as well, haha. When she wants to cuddle and go to sleep, she’ll cuddle me (as I’m a sucker and don’t move for hours when my cats are on me, and she knows it haha) when she wants to have a good rough cuddle, she’ll go to her dad!


She loves to play fetch and she prefers to get rough cuddles instead of the careful pats. She might’ve been a dog in a previous life, haha. She doesn’t really like women, because of her previous owner (she used to use a spray bottle with water on her! She was traumatized for a long time and would run away whenever I was doing my makeup and used a setting spray, after MONTHS she realised that I’m not actually spraying her and that’s she’s ok, that I just use it on myself, but oh my, it hurt me so much that she was afraid I would do it too!), but loves men, especially my boyfriend’s friends who DON’T want cuddles, haha! She is a bit weary of new people though, but that’s just what cats are usually like!


Wijn and I are honestly best friends. We take care of each other and we love each other very, very much. She doesn’t like it when one of us is upstairs and the other downstairs. When I take a bath she’ll get angry and start meowing that I need to come downstairs! At night she does the same thing, she doesn’t want us to go to bed, she wants us to stay downstairs with her and play with her.


Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance, our Wijn is incredibly smart. She knows how to get her way, she knows what to do to get her own way, but she also knows what she isn’t allowed to do. She knows that certain things aren’t for her and she’s okay with that, so she (almost) never jumps on the kitchen counters (only to show dominance and wants to show the other cats she’s badass and they shouldn’t mess with her) and she doesn’t (usually) jump on my vanity (but sometimes she needs to show that she’s a badass and doesn’t listen to rules). She never destroys our stuff, she knows when things are mine or my boyfriend’s so she leaves it alone. It’s also really cute when she tries to avoid stepping on our stuff, she’s so careful!!!!  She also loves to go to the bathroom with you, for some reason she always needs to be with you when you go!


Wijn is beautiful, she’s amazing, she’s a personality and I love her so incredibly much. She’s such a special cat! But all cats are, honestly. I hope you learned something new about our sweetheart, or if it’s the first time meeting, I hope she made you just as happy as she makes me!

Please tell me about your cat(s)! Do you have any? 🙂

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