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Favourite Non-fiction of 2018!!


I love non-fiction, and it really deserves more love than it’s getting! So here’s the list of my favourite non-fiction of 2018!
2018 was a really great non-fiction year for me, there weren’t many books I didn’t like which made this list extra hard. But I tried my best and here we are!
(Psst, if you want a more in-depth review on one of these books, just click on the title of the book, it’ll take you to a more in-depth review of mine! ;))

DSC00551How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out by Clemmie Hooper
First of all, Clemmie Hooper is a GEM. I follow her on instagram and she’s a precious little bean and she and her family are just PRECIOUS. But this book. This book. It’s amazing! I got it because I didn’t know anything about childbirth and being pregnant, and being pregnant really honestly terrifies me (maybe because I’m autistic and have fibro, I mean, that isn’t the best combo lol). As Clemmie is a midwife herself, she explains everything with a lot of fun, clear language and she doesn’t shy away from telling you the truth, the actual truth. I’m a lot less worried about one day being pregnant thanks to this book, Clemmie made this book so incredibly fun to read with some great advice and honestly, (not that I have read many but still) if you are in need of a book about pregnancy and childbirth, this should DEFINITELY be on your list.

DSC00552Women Heroes of World War I & II by Kathryn J. Atwood
In a totally different line of non-fiction, these two books were amazing. A lot of women are forgotten in history, unfortunately, and this book really showed light on women who did some kick-ass things during the wars. It even educated me on some Dutch women who did amazing things, which says a lot as I know quite a bit about the history of my own country. It also give a great backstory about the wars per country, so not only do you know that there is a war going on (quite a bit of dûh) but you can read what the countries actually went through individually, which most books don’t do, they just give you the overall story and don’t really go into specifics. If you want to learn more about the wars, but don’t want to read MORE about men experiencing it, read these two. They are really well written, quite a lot of fun, they give a lot of detail and if you fell in love with a lady, it gives you links and books to read to get to know them better!

the 1950s Look by Mike Brown
If you are looking for a great fashion history book, Mike Brown is the person you need to look for! There’s no one in the entire fashion history world who has more enthusiasm and love for the subject as Mike Brown. The 1950s Look is an incredibly fun, in-depth book that gives you a TON of information with a lot of beautiful photo’s, advertisements and pictures. And when I say a ton of information, I mean it. You get information from everything to fashion to glasses to hats to gloves to makeup and to hair. The entire package is in this book. And you can really tell the author loves the subject, which makes it even more of an enjoyable read. I read a LOT of fashion history books, but this one will always be my absolute favourite.

DSC00558Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different by Ben Brooks
2018 has been the year of the children’s history books. There have been TONS of great books about women in history and I’m all here for it! However, this one has been my absolute favourite. It actually made me cry because I loved it so much. A lot of the books about women in history forget about trans-people, about LGBTQ+ people, and quite a few books were just really, well white… but not this one. The third story in this book is about a trans-man. And I cried. It just made me so happy! This book is amazing with including absolutely every man of every continent of in every part of life. There were a few people in it that made me raise my eyebrows, but they were put in to inspire little boys and girls, not me with my 24 years, so I do understand why they were put in there. I love this book and if you are interested in this new hype of history books for children, get this one, because it’s beautiful.

Forties Fashion by Johnathan Walford 
This book is an absolute gem for any 1940s fashion lover! This book covers not only the UK and the US, but also goes over the fashion trends in Europe, which a lot of books tend to forget about… This book uses so many beautiful photos, advertisements and actual clothing from the 1940s to showcase the beauty of the fashion trends. The text can be a little dry and boring (sorry!) and it isn’t like the books by Mike Brown, but all the photographic material really makes up for it. The book is a hefty one, and honestly if you want to learn something about 1940s fashion, this book should be your first! You can’t go wrong with this one!

These were my favourite non-fiction books of 2018! I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings me in this department haha. What were your favourite non-fiction books of the year? 🙂

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