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Favourite Fiction Books of 2018!!


I’m so excited about December!!! Not because of Christmas (don’t care much for it), nor for New Years ( I care even LESS about that!) but because all our favourites get back in the spotlight! Everyone is positive, everyone mentions all the things they loved over the year and I’m so excited to read and watch all of the favourites!!! Let’s start mine off with my favourite fiction books of the year! That’s right, my non-fiction favourites are getting their own post! 😉

18-12-01-21-33-07-917_deco.jpgthe Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas
Let’s start off with the book that left the biggest impression on me, and that’s definitely this lovely little book! I honestly bought it for it’s cover (after reading the synopsis of course) and this book is exactly NOT what you expect it to be. It may be short (only 144 pages!) but it packs SUCH a punch. We follow two little girls who meet when Unn moves in with her aunt and starts going to school. Siss and Unn become friends really quickly but one day they get into a fight. Afraid to see Siss after their argument, Unn decides to skip class for a day and go to the Ice Palace, a frozen waterfall in a fjord near their home. But Unn never returns. We follow Siss and how she copes with losing her friend in such a harsh and sudden way. This book is beautiful, powerful, and the atmosphere feels like how a rainy, cold autumn’s day feels like. I just can’t wrap my head around it’s beauty. A perfect book in every way!

18-12-01-21-35-04-328_deco.jpgThérèse Raquin by Émile Zola
Let’s go the other book that left a real emotional impact. In Thérèse Raquin we follow Thérèse, and she’s in a loveless marriage and her life is basically miserable. Like, utterly miserable. Then one day she meets a friend of her husbands and they fall in love. They are so desperately in love and are so tired of their affaire they decide to kill the husband. The book follows them after that and we see what kind of psychological effect murder has on them. This is an amazingly powerful book. I read it at work and when I finished it I stared at the wall saying : “wow” over and over again for a while, haha! I love psychology, and seeing what Zola did with our characters was amazing. I loved it. This book is a Victorian book, so don’t worry about some naughty scenes, we don’t get to hear much more than Thérèse being in her petticoats (the scandal!). I’m in love!

18-12-01-21-33-37-446_deco.jpgthe Complete Short Stories by Oscar Wilde
Hi, I’m in love with Oscar Wilde. And I loved this book! This is a short story collection, so we get many stories where some are better than others, that’s just how short story collections work. I especially loved the Canterville Ghost, I laughed so hard while reading that one! Oscar Wilde is honestly an author that I relate to and I love him very much. This short story collection definitely left an impression on me this year!

18-12-01-21-34-40-780_deco.jpgDear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce
If there’s ONE book where I need a sequel and I need it NOW it’s this one. I loved Dear Mrs Bird, I usually don’t like non-classics adult books, but this one was so much fun! I loved everyone, I laughed, I cried, I felt scared for them, I felt happy for them, this book was just like watching your favourite series and really feeling like you are right in there. I NEED a second one. So badly. A feel good book that will make your heart melt!

18-12-01-21-35-27-559_deco.jpgNevermoor: the Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend
Ok, this book is worth the hype. It gets compared to Harry Potter a lot and spoiler alert, this one is way better than Harry  Potter. This book is so much fun! Morrigan is destined to die on her 12th birthday, but shortly before her 11th before, the Curse she was living under decided that she needs to die on her 11th birthday instead! But on the eve before a strange red haired man named Juniper appears, and whisks her away to Nevermoor. That kind of sounds like a bad idea, to run away with a strange man, but hey that’s middle grade for ya! She participates in Trials to be part of the same society as Juniper, but will she actually finish them, as she has absolutely no talent what so ever? This is such a good book and I loved it so much! I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish this one so I can buy the second book, as the title of the second book is an actual spoiler for book 1, which is STUPID. If you are on the look out for a fun and whimsical middle grade, this is perfect!

18-12-01-21-34-18-150_deco.jpgCity of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab
I’ve got  a really in-depth review here, but in case you can’t be bothered, City of Ghosts is an amazing horror middle grade about a girl named Cass who dies, but gets saved by a ghost named Jacob, and ever since that moment she can travel between worlds. Her parents are inspecters (i’m still screaming at that term) and get hired to make a television series about ghosts and the most haunted places on earth. First stop: Edinburgh!  It isn’t as scary as people make it seem to be, but it IS spoopy! The ghosts can be absolutely creepy, but the story itself is so much fun. I love ghosts, I’m afraid of ghosts, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

I’m a little bit early with my favourites, because I don’t really think I will have any more favourites this year.

What were your favourite books of the year? 🙂

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