So… I wrote a book!


Yes you heard that right! Today is my book birthday! My own picture book, mijn mama is een ridder (my mama is a knight) is out now!

It’s about a little girl named Saar, and her mother isn’t coming downstairs for breakfast. Why? Saar is afraid she did something wrong, but no, her dad says that it’s because of the little monsters living in her head that she’s fighting!

Mama has depression and I wrote this book for every adult who has depression or wants to explain depression to children, it’s a topic that most kids don’t know about and they should know! I wrote the book in Dutch, so  unfortunately, my international readers won’t be able to read it (unless you can read Dutch obviously) but hey it’s still cool!

The illustrations are done by the amazingly talented Céli, who I totally completely recommend for all your illustration needs! She really brought this book to life, and without her it wouldn’t be as amazing as it is now. I might have written the words, but she actually gave it everything else.

If you are curious about ordering a copy, you can find it here!

I’m just really excited about this, and I can’t wait to help children with my words!! 🙂

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