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Favourite Outfits of October 2018

Here we are again with some of my favourite outfits of the last month! I didn’t get dressed up a lot, as I’ve been really busy with work and I’m currently home with hypothermia issues (long story, honestly) so here are some of my favs!

IMG_20181008_195529_269.jpgDress: Daisy Dapper
Shoes: Clarks
Jewelry: Splendette 

IMG_20181009_195909_727.jpgBasically everything: Collectif Clothing 

IMG_20181016_193457_392.jpgTop: Rock N Romance
Jeans: Collectif Clothing
Shoes: New Look
Earrings: Collectif Clothing

IMG_20181015_171211_733.jpgDress and earrings:  Collectif Clothing 

IMG_20181019_192834_417Dress and jacket: Lindy Bop
Earrings: Splendette 
Scarf: Monki 

IMG_20181031_125820_176Top and skirt: Banned Clothing
Earrings: Topvintage
Belt: Collectif Clothing

This was my month! How was your month? Did you have a good one? 🙂

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