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Favourite Outfits September 2018


Here we are with another fashion post! Here are my favourite looks from September 2018, enjoy!

blogfashio.pngJeans: Collectif Clothing
Top: Topvintage Boutique
Cardigan: Banned Clothing via Topvintage Boutique
Shoes: Clarks

blogfashio.pngDress: Collectif Clothing
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen via Topvintage
Accessories: Zowee’s Retro Boutique
Shoes: Clarks

IMG_20180921_180633_390.jpgDress: Collectif Clothing
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen via Topvintage
Shoes: Clarks

IMG_20180922_172133_041.jpgDress: Collectif Clothing (are you bored of it yet??)
Cardigan: True vintage
Shoes: Clarks

IMG_20180923_193654_929.jpgDungarees: Collectif Clothing via Topvintage
Top: Topvintage Boutique 
Shoes: Doctor Martens

Ok, these weren’t all my looks of September, but they were my favourite! I’m noticing a really boring streak with just wearing Collectif and Topvintage, oops…  I hope you enjoyed this short little post! I love dressing up and September has been really busy with work (which means I have to wear jeans most of the time unfortunately…) so I couldn’t really dress up! Hopefully, October will be better! 🙂

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