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Review: Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack Mask


It’s been about 300 years since I wrote a beauty review! Honestly, that’s mostly due to lack of funds and motivation (due to said lacking funds) but today I am writing a review about this Korean mask!

For an eggs-quisite complexion (you knew that one was coming…) Too Cool For School’s Egg Mousse Pack is the perfect shortcut. Light as air, the whipped formula resembles meringue and is enriched with egg extract to give a boost of deep moisturisation. Egg white extract purifies and brightens the complexion, while yolk extract gives a dose of hydration to leave skin silky-smooth and luminous. Simply massage into skin and wash off 2-3 times a week. Cultbeauty website

So my skin is really dry and just looks really “meh” without any makeup. This mask should be right up my alley!
It really is a mouse mask, which is quite funny when you apply it to your face, as it makes that mouse sound, you know, that crinkley sound! It feels really tingly on your face and it’s just quite funny. The mouse stays put for a really long time, it doesn’t just disappear after applying it after a minute. You can basically dance without it going anywhere, which is a great plus! It means you don’t have to lay down like a vampire in fear of it getting everywhere.

But honestly… I think it’s a gimmick. This product does NOTHING for my skin. It doesn’t feel any better, and granted not any worse, but for it’s price I really think you only pay for it’s packaging and the fun factor of the mouse.
Ok, my skin is really, REALLY dry, but during the warmer months my skin is leaning more towards the “normal” side and it still didn’t do anything for me. It’s such a shame because usually Korean skincare works wonders on my skin. Maybe this is more a mask to use when your with your friends having a fun day in, but other than that, I’d skip it!

Have you tried anything from Too Cool For School? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Review: Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack Mask”

    1. It’s a real shame! But then again, my skin is INCREDIBLY dry, I think that ‘normal’ skintypes would benefit from this one, just not me! 😉


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