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Review: Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath


My mum is Charlotte Tilbury’s biggest fan, she basically owns everything. She said I should try out their new lipgloss, so here I am, reviewing the new lipgloss!

Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose is a clear lip gloss enriched with skincare ingredients to create plumper-looking lips. Get fresh lips in a flash with this high-shine gloss that helps to put moisture back into the lips for an instantly healthier-looking pout.


• Lip plumping mustard sprout extract helps to hydrate and enhance lip volume, defining the contours of your lips and creating a fuller, firmer-looking appearance.

• Marine Collagen moisturises and creates a plumping effect by hydrating your lips and giving the appearance of smoothing out lines.

• Coconut Oil nourishes and softens your lips.

• Pearlescent Pigments create a milky pink sheen that reflects the light to make lips look fuller and wider.

• Peppermint extract gives your lips a cool, fresh feeling. – Charlotte Tilbury website

I’ve never really been too impressed with Charlotte Tilbury, I like their foundation, but I wasn’t too impressed by the other products. Well, mostly because if it’s steep pricing. However, that doesn’t really effect my review on this lipgloss!

It has a really strange applicator (it doesn’t really shoot well so I couldn’t take a picture of it), it’s heart shaped and it looks really cute, yes, but it makes applying this so difficult! It goes on easily on your bottom lip, but not when you want to apply some on your cupid’s bow. It makes it really messy and unnecessarily difficult. It has a very heavy scent, but I do like it as it’s minty. It exactly reminds me of a lipgloss I owned by Essence when I was about 12, which is hilarious to me as that one was about ONE euro, and this one is 32 euro.

The lipgloss is hydrating, but doesn’t do any plumping. I am used to the Too Faced Lip Plumper which is one HECK of a lip plumper, but this one doesn’t even tingle, which is a shame as that’s my favourite part about lip plumpers!

Now, it says it is clear lipgloss AND gives you a pink  sheen (which honestly, doesn’t really make sense?) but it doesn’t show up pink on me at all. And I believe it had a huge marketing strategy about it being a lipgloss that suits your skintone and change it’s colour depending on your lips. Just like the BECCA one basically.


Long story short: This is just a clear lipgloss. It isn’t anything special, it doesn’t plump amazingly, it doesn’t add any colour, I feel like a lipbalm will do exactly the same thing but for a LOT less. I don’t recommend this one, because it’s ridiculous to pay 32 euro for a gloss when a 1 euro lipbalm will do the same thing.

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