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Reading Wrap Up: July 2018

I knew I wouldn’t be able to read another 22 (plus 2 DNF) in one month. I knew. What I didn’t know that it would be too damn hot to read anything BUT picture books in July. July has been so incredibly hot in the Netherlands, we even nearly reached 40 degrees! And naturally, those were the days I had to work haha. July 2018 will be further known as the Picture Book Month!

Books read: 16 + 1 DNF. (non-fiction: 1, picture books: 12, detective: 1,  classic: 1, YA: 1)
Pages read: 1604
Stars: 1( 0), 2 (3), 3(1), 4(11), 5(2)

37119735the Great God Pan by Arthur Machen 
Ok, let’s start with the book I DNF’ed! I got this book because even Steven King HIMSELF said that this was the scariest book he ever read. And honestly, I’m wondering what kind of strange world he lives in, because I’ve seen showers scarier than this book. This book was so incredibly boring I had to force myself to read the 50 pages that I read. I can see why some people could enjoy it, like people who go into this without knowing that this is supposed to scariest book ever, but I was really bracing myself for the spoop. I was really ok to be spooped to the max. This wasn’t spoopy, this wasn’t even spooky, this was just MEH. Not one I would ever recommend.

35214860Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody (review) 
Oh lordy, I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did!! It isn’t perfect, but it was such a fun story and I couldn’t put it down, and that says a LOT as my ADD stops me from reading quite a lot. The story itself is really fun, but it’s a shame they didn’t explore more. I went more indepth in my review. But long story short: This girl is an illusionist, and her illusions are just that, but then they start being murdered!!!! HOW? WHO? WHAT? IT has some good sexuality rep (a-sexual and almost everyone is some form of LGBT+) which made my bisexual heart really happy, as the bisexuals are FINALLY not demons. Good. Also, the lesbian DOESN’T die in the end!!! Unheard of !!!! I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads folks, I loved it, and you can get yours here.

13624251the Daring Book for Girls by Anrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz
I’m going to get all the children in my life one of these. All of them. ALL OF THEM. This book is amazing, it has everything it needs to have. Want to know how to play basketball? Grab this book! Want to know what kind of princess you should look up to? Grab this book! Want to know how to fix your torn shirt? Grab this book! Want to know ANYTHING? Grab this book! I totally recommend this one and it was such a fun read. A must have!

the Curious Little Witch & Happy Birthday Little Witch! by Lieve Baeten
I went to my local children’s bookstore, and they sold these two GEMS. The Curious Little Witch books were my favourite as a child, and I’ve been on the hunt for them for ages! I read them in Dutch, but I highly recommend them as they are incredibly whimsical and fun. It has cats, witches, and just beautiful illustrations. If you are on the hunt for a fun picture book, these are highly recommended!

Tree, Moon and Bee by Britta Teckentrup 
These are picture books with explaining what seasons are, what bees do and why the moon does it’s thing. I really loved Tree and Bee, they explained it really well for a children’s perspective how you can see the seasons change and that bees make the flowers grow and I really enjoyed those. HOWEVER, Moon made no sense. It says it’ll explain why the moon isn’t always round, but it doesn’t explain anything??? I really recommend the other two, but Moon is a pass for me!


Wanted! Raffy Rabbit, Book Burglar 
The Dutch version of this book is called: “Koen Konijn, boekendief”, and my boyfriend’s name is Koen, so I HAD to have this one. Luckily, he got me this book for my birthday! This is the funniest little picture book I have read in a long time. Our Raffy is a book burglar and keeps stealing books so he can read them. One boy discovers this little secret, and wants to stop Raffy, but nobody believes him! The story is hilarious, especially the rabbit books, I laughed so hard. Absolutely one of my favourites!!

34862881.jpgForeign Bodies combined by Martin Edwards 
This was a really fun book! The first two stories were really boring, so I nearly put it down, but I persevered and I loved it! You can really tell what cultural differences there are even in writing detective stories. I do confess that one of the biggest reasons I got this book was that it said that at least one story would take place in the Netherlands. But it doesn’t??? There’s one Dutch author, but that story takes place in Paris, and I’m PRETTY sure Paris and the Netherlands aren’t the same thing. A real let down! The stories were really fun (except the first two), and I”m glad I read it, as it really inspired me to get more diverse detectives, it’s just a shame it lied on the cover!

Dikkie Dik: Poezenvriendjes by Jet Boeke
(Dikkie Dik: kitty friends)
It was incredibly difficult to find a picture of this book gee! This is a famous book series about a big red cat, named Dikkie Dik and his adventures. The stories are really short, but as we are a cat family, the stories are really familiar which would be a great help when we have kids, as they recognise many of the situations. It isn’t super special, they are just fun stories and I like to collect them just because we have cats, but that’s basically it!

the Dark, Dark Night by Christina Butler and Jane Chapman  
I got this book as a gift for my birthday from a friend! ANd it’s perfect. This really cute story is about some forest creatures that see big scary monsters at night, but then discover that it’s actually their shadow! It has nice repetitive rhyme, which is always good for little ones, and the illustrations are really beautiful. A great book for kids that are scared of the dark!

32313935Het Stoute Dingen-Boek by Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder
(the Naughty Things Book)
A really cute Dutch picture book about animals doing naughty things! Kids love nothing more than when someone does something that their not supposed to. It’s a great book to learn about consequences and being naughty. Kids will laugh but learn that if you don’t listen to your parents, you will never get away with being naughty, and bad things might happen, but in a good funny way, it isn’t a scary book, haha.

cover.jpgPeter Rabbit Nursery Rhyme Time
I love, love, LOVE, nursery rhymes, so when I found this edition in our local TK Maxx, I had to have it! It brings the most famous English nursery rhymes to life,  with beautiful illustrations. I always sing nursery rhymes to my cats ( honest to god don’t judge me!!!) but I tend to forget the English ones, as I haven’t worked in an English school for a while. I’m really happy to have added this one to my collection, as it’s so beautiful!

Little People, Big Dreams: Audrey Hepburn by Isabel Sánchez Vegara & Amaia Arrazola
A really nice picture book about all the good things my hero Audrey Hepburn has done in her life. It has a big focus on her UNICEF work, which usually gets overlooked. I really loved it! The art style is beautiful, but not my favourite. At the end of the book there’s more information about her, which I find a really nice touch.

S is for School by Greg Paprocki
I love these Alphabet books so much! This is my first that isn’t a history one, but this is a really fun one for kids when they are just starting school, or have an older sibling or cousin that goes to school. The illustrations are always really diverse, which is one of my favourite things about it. The words are really well chosen and really fit within the theme. These are the only Alphabet books I need in my life and can’t wait to add more to my collection!

the Famous Five on Treasure Island by Enid Blyton
I read the Famous Five books as a child. And these were the ONLY books that I read that actually scared me. And I read a lot of scary books as a child! I really wanted to re-read them, but unfortunately, I just found it incredibly boring. I might pick up the second one, but this was by far nothing like I remembered. Maybe the Dutch translator took some liberty in translating, or maybe these just aren’t for me!

What have been your favourite books you read this month? 🙂


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