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The Crown Jewels: Picture Books


I asked on Instagram whether you guys wanted to see a blogpost about my favourite picture/children’s books, and y’all said “YES!”, so here I am with my favourite picture books for our younger children.

Before I start, a quick background to my love for picture books. I’m the oldest of 3 children and the oldest of 11 cousins, plus I have 2 little “nephews” by choice, I was an au pair for about 3 years AND I studied to be a teacher for a while. Long story short: I just love children and I love to read to them! When I was younger, I had to read my brother his dinosaur encyclopedia because he couldn’t read them, but I could, so I had an interesting vocab as a child! 🙂

I started collecting them about 3 years ago, and now I’ve got quite the collection. I love them a lot, the stories are cute, funny, and some are just great for the child’s development. And the art styles are really important to me as well, if a book isn’t pretty, I’m not really interested, how evil that may sound!

So today I’ll be talking about my favourite picture books for our youngest, so from about 2 to 5. These are my absolute favourites, so far! So hopefully I get to make an updated version next year!


I want my hat back by Jon Klassen
goodreads review
This book is amazing, it’s hilarious, the art style is really simple, and this is just a JOY to read as an adult. This doesn’t follow the normal picture book style, where everything turns out to be happy in the end, but it’s really subtle for children, but quite obvious for us adults! This one got really popular and won numerous awards, and it’s totally deserved! The book might not be for all children, but it will make you as an adult laugh!


the Curious Witch series by Lieve Baeten
Goodreads review for the Curious Little Witch & review for Happy Birthday, Little Witch!
These were my absolute FAVOURITE as a child! Not just because the stories were really fun (who doesn’t want to read about a cute little witch?!) but also because her name in the original Dutch editions is Lotje, which is my nickname amongst my adult family! I’m showing one of the pages as I got these books in the Dutch editions, but the titles are different in English. These are really fun and interactive, as there are little flaps that the children have to open up to show the next part of the story. The stories are really cute, short, and greatly imaginative. And the illustrations are just so cute!!! I can’t deal with them, they are the best. If you need a cute whimsical story about witches, these are great!


Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell
I love this one so much oh my word!!!! The story is really cute, it’s about a dragon who just wants to make a friend and read books, and a little girl who wants to be his friend. The entire town is afraid of Franklin, but Franklin isn’t scary at all! Such a great message with amazing illustrations, a book that is just beautiful in a bookcase as it is inside. Luna is a spunky little girl, and we all need spunk in our life. A story about friendship and a love for books, something we all relate too! 🙂


A is for Atom, B is for Boo, R is for Railway & S is for Sabertooth by Greg Paprocki
These are my absolute FAVOURITE ABC books. I mean, come on, my history heart is beating so fast! It covers all kinds of topics, the 1950s, the 1960s, the Industrial Revolution, but also Christmas, Hanukkah and Halloween. I love them so much! The art is so incredibly cute, and they are always in theme with the subject, and they are diverse! Some of the books are a bit weird with their choice of words, but all of the words chosen for the books do have something to do with the subject matter. They are fun, made out of really thick cardboard, bright coloured and just lots of fun, especially if you have a history loving family!
These are some of my favourite picture books! Please tell me some of yours, as I’m always on the hunt for some new gems to add to the collection! 😉

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