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Review: I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Mini Chocolate Palette

DSC00337I know, I know! Another eyeshadow palette, and GASP, drugstore even?! Why yes, dear reader, I ventured through my local drugstore and my boyfriend came across this cute little thing from I Heart Revolution (formerly known as I Heart Makeup) and he said I had to review it! So, being the amazing girlfriend I am, here I am, reviewing the palette my boyfriend picked!

Our popular chocolate palettes go mini! This sweet treat is made up of 8 eyeshadows to compliment the Rose Gold Palette flavour, 6 mattes and 2 shimmer shades, rich in pigment to create an array of eye-catching looks.
Shades ranging from deep reds, nude and rose gold pinks. – I Heart Revolution website


I really love the layout of this palette. It’s compact, really cute, has a mirror, it’s just the perfect travel palette! It’s really sturdy, which surprised me if I’m honest, the plastic isn’t flimsy a all. The layout is a lot more logical than yesterdays palette… which had a lot of wasted space, in this one there’s no space wasted! Which I always really appreciate in a palette.


Ok, I love this palette. The colours are amazing. BUT I am really confused about this mustard yellow that’s in this palette? I think it’s supposed to be a gold, but it’s mustard yellow? They should’ve just made a shimmery gold, and this palette would be perfect!  Other than that, this is a great palette! It’s really pigmented when applied with a brush, the quality is equal across all shades (ok, the shimmery shades are better, but that’s in ALL palettes, that’s nothing new!), they apply nicely, aren’t powdery at ALL, easy to blend and don’t crease when paired with my Urban Decay eyeprimer.

Honestly, this is an amazing palette. It’s not the best I have ever used, but this one was only 7 euros, can’t complain about that! The shades are warm, neutral and cool toned, which isn’t something you see a lot in palettes this tiny! If I had to choose between the Maybelline or this one, I would HIGHLY recommend this one more so than the Maybelline one!

I guess I should let my boyfriend pick out my palettes from now on, as he just found a hidden gem!


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