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Review: L’oreal Lip Scrub Lip Spa in Berry Blast VS Dior Lip Sugar Scrub


I love lip scrub, I just don’t like the hassle that comes with it when you apply it from a pot. I tried out the Dior lip scrub and wrote a review, and I said I wouldn’t buy it again, but I did. I did buy it again, but there was nothing like it on the market! But now L’Oreal is coming for Dior, because they came out with them as well! Are they comparable?

Prepare your pout with the Exfoliating Lip Scrub in 3 fruity scents for a smooth and moisturised base. Enriched with shea butter for lasting nourishment and care. Indulge in a fresh melon, delicious peach or super-sweet berry Lip Scrub infusion for lips that will be too good to resist. L’oreal UK website


As you can tell by the photo, they are REALLY similar. Not in packaging, the L’Oreal one definitely feels a heck of a lot cheaper, but in product. But that’s where I think it stops.

I mean, they are both lip scrubs, yes, but they are both very different, for some weird reason. First of all, the Dior one feels a lot less abrasive on your lips than the L’Oreal one, the L’Oreal actually can feel quite painful if you go into it too enthusiastically. The sugar particles in the Dior are just way more fine than the L’Oreal and you can feel that pretty well, as your lips are really sensitive. The Dior one feels a lot more moisturizing, more comfortable, gives you a bit more colour and overall… it’s just better.


as you can tell by the photo, the top one is barely there! All you can see is some sugar particles and the bottom one a lot less sugar but a lot more balm and colour, and that sums up the difference between the L’Oreal and the Dior. You guessed it, Dior is on the bottom.

That doesn’t mean the L’Oreal one is BAD though, because it isn’t! It’s a great lip scrub to use when you are applying makeup and just need your lips to be ready for liquid lipstick or the like. It doesn’t have a heavy scent, and it applies easily and it’s really budget friendly, a LOT more budget friendly than Dior. I like this one, I just honestly think the Dior one is better. Which one do I recommend you getting though? Well, if you have really, really dry lips and want to use the lip scrub on it’s own, get the Dior, likewise if you just want to luxurious feel of it. But if you are on a budget, just need on to apply before you apply other lip products, the L’Oreal one is FINE. There isn’t one I use more than the other, if I’m honest, and I think that says enough. 🙂

Have you tried any of the lip scrubs?

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