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Review: Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Sparkling Bellini




I love blush, which is really funny when you come to think of it. I mean, I’ve got rosacea, so a TON of red pigment in my face, so I use foundation to get rid of said pigment, but I’m reapplying it to my face by using blush???? Anyways, here’s another blush review! This time we will be covering another one by Too Faced.

Baked heart-shaped blush contains three individual color swatches that blend beautifully for multidimensional color in a gorgeously wearable, universally flattering peachy shade. 

  • Blend all 3 shades together for multidimensional color payoff
  • Apply one stripe for 3 different looks
  • Baked formula allows for a beautifully buildable flush

– Too Faced website 


I really love this blush! Just look at it! It’s so sparkly and peachy and just woah!!! However, I don’t really agree with Too Faced, this shade wouldn’t be universally flattering, as I’m pretty sure that unless you use a VERY heavy hand, this would not show up on really deep dark complexions, it would probably just look like a big glittery mess, as these glitter particles DO show up when you apply it. So, universally flattering if you are light, unfortunately! [please, do proof me wrong though! If you know of someone who has a deep dark complexion, and reviewed this product, let me know!!!!]

I’m also kind of confused with the idea of using the strips individually, because you’d have to use a tiny brush if you don’t want the shades mixed, it just seems really difficult to me? I mean, if you REALLY wanted it, you could do it, but it just seems like a real bother, as they aren’t spaced at all.


I wasn’t joking when I said the glitter particles show up! The three top shades are the strips individually, the bottom one is the three of them combined. This isn’t a blush if you are into the all natural look, that’s for sure!

It’s quite long wearing, it will last about 10 hours on my face, and it’s really pigmented, and as I’m paler than milk, I need to use a very light hand otherwise I look like Bianca Del Rio, which isn’t my personal look. The glitter won’t fade away either, so don’t be like me when you try it out for the first time and think: “Oh, it’s a bit heavy now, but it will fade” because IT WON’T FOLKS, IT WON’T.

I really love it and I’m really looking forward to trying out more of these blushes! Have you tried any of these?



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