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Review: L’oreal Paris Tinted Lip Oil in Jelly Peach, Pom Pom Pink and Sugar Plum


I’ve got dry lips. Like, really dry. Well, most of my skin is dry but what bothers me the most is dry skin. When I saw L’oreal came out with these Lip Oils, I had to try them!

Lock in moisture and nourish lips with the Lip Tint in Oil in 4 fruity scents for a soft, supple lips with a hint of colour. Enriched with natural oils, the gel like formula melts into lips, leaving a subtle shine. From a subtle peach to a hot pink tint, indulge with the Tint in Oil for lips that will be too good to resist.- L’oreal Paris UK website


As you can tell, I only got three colours of the four, not because I didn’t want the fourth one, but because I couldn’t get that one anywhere! These oils were so popular that they were sold out everywhere I went.

These oils are incredibly. They are really soothing, hydrating and leave a beautiful healthy shine to the lips. They are really heavily scented though, they really smell like peach and it can get a bit too heavy, so be warned if you are sensitive to scents!


Excuse the bad photo, they were so smooth my camera couldn’t focus on them! 😀 I really enjoy using these, and the gloss lasts pretty long as well, up to about 3 hours, which is a lot longer than most glosses do. I really love using this when I go to work, I only need to reapply about 3 times on a 10 hours workday (commuting included) because they do stain your lips, especially Pom Pom Pink so I don’t need to reapply because my lips look dead.

What I don’t like about them, is that your lips get addicted to them. Which means that your lips get more dry after continuous use, because they want more more more! It isn’t too bad, but it’s bad enough for me to notice, so use this product sparingly.

What I also didn’t like, is that the fact that the stoppers aren’t great!


This is the aftermath after taking pictures, so be warned kids, don’t leave this out on the side, because you’ll lose it all!

Do I recommend getting them? Yeah! I do really like them, they are hydrating, fun, comfortable, easy to apply, and just look lovely on me. I won’t use them every day though, because of the fact that my lips get addicted to them quite easily. So if you are on the lookout for a very hydrating lip oil, this is the one for you!

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