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Review: How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out by Clemmie Hooper

I love kids. I have always taken care of them, I was an au pair for a few years and studied to be a teacher for a while (they didn’t want in the end, alas!) but the thought of being pregnant and pushing kid’s out of me absolutely TERRIFIES me. Have you ever seen those pictures of women being pregnant and you can see how their organs are just squished? Yeah, terrifying. However, I read a book about midwifery last month, and I realised: “I don’t actually know anything about childbirth.” Now I took 4 years of biology in high school, I can tell you tons of stuff, but about growing a child in your own body? Nothing! So, I decided to read a pregnancy book. And this was the chosen one.

Everything you wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask – a guide to pregnancy and birth straight from the midwife’s mouth.
Mum to four little girls and midwife to many, Clemmie Hooper wants to share her knowledge, wisdom and stories about pregnancy, birth and mothering young children that aren’t so widely talked about – straight from the midwife’s mouth. From how to prevent tearing during birth to what you really need in your labour bag, Clemmie reveals everything pregnant women and new mums need to know with a good dose of humour and wit.

The author is an actual midwife, which is one of the reasons I got this book, there are TONS of books written by women who aren’t doctors or midwives about this subject and it just confuses me. How is that even allowed???? I came across this book and it seemed to be the book for me, and it was!

This book was a LOT of fun. It told you everything you needed to know and more, without making things awkward or using language that is too difficult, and the best part, it didn’t make you feel dumb! It doesn’t only take the midwife approach, it also covers real life women and men and how their experience was with pregnancy and childbirth, which I really enjoyed! It really feels like the real deal, not the things that you see on TV, not the horror stories family members tell you randomly, and just a factual approach, which is the best approach.

I’m a lot less worried and scared of ever having children, because of this book. The thought of it absolutely terrified me, like it really did, but after reading this I’m not that terrified anymore! It is a lot less “the unknown” now, and I think this book covered absolutely everything you would ever need to know about pregnancy. But there it stops, if you want to know more about what happens AFTER the birth of your spawn, this isn’t it! But, like me, you are terrified of childbirth, be it yourself or for your partner, or just know nothing, this is definitely a fun and approachable way to read about it!

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads, and you can get your copy here!

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