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Review: Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Let’s Flamingle


Ok, I got this lipgloss for it’s name. I mean, it’s called Let’s Flamingle, that’s hilarious. So let’s take a look at this beautiful lipgloss, shall we?

This moisture-rich gloss is infused with our bestselling Lip Injection formula for instant plumping results plus a tint of juicy color.

Apply over lip liner, lipstick, or on bare lips. A slight tingling sensation that can last up to 5 minutes is normal.

I love lip plumpers. I love the tingling, I love the burn, I really enjoy it for some weird reason. I tried quite a few, because of it, and this one is BY FAR the most painful. Well, it isn’t painful, but you can FEEL it really badly. Apparently, my lips aren’t that sensitive, as my lips can feel it, but it doesn’t really burn, but I let my mum use this lipgloss, and she felt it BURN. So, don’t be fooled by it’s “slight tingling sensation” because it isn’t slight, it can be an awful lot and it lasts a lot longer than 5 minutes.

With that said, I really love this lipgloss!


The colour is really nice, it’s a “my-lips-but-better” colour which makes me look really good and healthy. It does plump my lips, but not a ridiculous amount. They just look more pouty than usual, nothing too noticeable, but I notice it as I know how my lips look without it!

I think this colour would suit most skintones. It has a very long wear time for a lipgloss, it lasts about 3 to 4 hours which I really enjoy. It isn’t sticky, it’s incredibly comfortable and make your lips really soft and luscious. This lipgloss really made me want to get more of the colours. It might actually be my favourite lipgloss of the year! 😉

Have you tried these lipglosses?

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